About I Know Cupid

I Know Cupid is the official home of the Girls Ask Guys Show podcast. Together we are a service dating and relationship coaching service. Everything from simple questions to in home coaching.

We have a deep understanding of why people find it difficult to connect with each other. Our real life solutions are backed up by scientific research conducted by top scientists from around the world. We don’t have a linear “system” as most coaching companies. We work with strategies that build upon each other that help attract the right person for you.

I know cupid dating and relationship

Our Story

John and Ashley teamed up in 2019 and built the Girls Ask Guys Show podcast. The show was initially designed to answer question about dating and relationships. The show quickly grew and listeners were asking for more assistance than a podcast could provide. John and Ashley responded but the demands for what they knew kept growing. Two years later I Know Cupid was developed as an answer to those demands.

Girls Ask Guys Show

The beginning of it all, a simple podcast. It was a show to answer questions and give straight advice or direction to listeners in the area of dating and relationships. With no online presence and no marketing the Girls Ask Guys Show started at a base of zero. To get an idea of the rapid growth of the show we had 23 downloads on it’s first launch day on a single platform. Today the show is listened to in over 78 countries with an average of over 6,000 daily downloads on 28 platforms.

I Know Cupid

I Know Cupid is the online repository for the podcast and a place for listeners to connect with the shows hosts, John and Ashley. Listeners can also connect with each other much like other social networks. Additional services and solutions will be added to help you in your dating and relationship goals. The vision of this site in its completed form will be the premier place to get information on dating and relationships.

How We Work

Until the online course is complete we work exclusively one-on-one with clients. This is our elite program at a reduced price. Please see our pre-registration form if this interests you.

The three general areas we work with.

We always start with the individual first. Knowing who you are, how you see yourself, and the type of person you want to be. We then help you start down a path of becoming that person naturally and authentically.

The next step is giving you the tools to show people the person who you are through different means of communication. This helps to repel the people you do not want, and attract the ones you do want in your life.

Then we work on showing you how and where to meet the people you want to meet. Ways to interact that enhance your communication in a natural and authentic manner.

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