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Choice Coaching

Full access to the entire course for life. Including all future updates that may become available through research or studies. Full lifetime access to the online community at no additional charge. Special access to John and Ashley to anwer questions or get opinions to your specific needs.

This is a one of a kind online coaching course for dating and relationships. No other course like it exists. Other courses may touch on certain aspects, but they do not go as indepth and explain how and why the topics are important. How they work in conjuction with areas.

You will learn the three major areas that need to be addressed to become the most attractive person you can be. Then we break each of these areas down into individual components that you can start to work on. You will then begin to understand who you are, what you want to become, and what you want in another person and a relationship. You will begin to live your true life. Then you will learn how to project that true life to others in a way that attracts the people you want to meet.

Advantage Coaching

You get everything that comes with Choice Coaching with an additional package deal that is not offered by any other company. A fully paid for weekend trip. This includes transportation, hotel, meals, entertainment, and group coaching sessions. These trips happen only twice per year and have limited seats available.

You will be able to get direct coaching from John and Ashley. Get your questions answered. Work on points you may not notice. Get direct and immediate feedback. Participate in breakout sessions. And much more. This is the biggest bang for the buck you will ever find with any dating or relationship company.

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