Dating advice tips for better dating

If you are having problems in the dating world. Or even if you are having problems in a new relationship and wondering what’s going on. We have six tips that can completely change your view on dating.

We often get dating advice from friends and family. There’s no problem with that as experience can prevent mistakes, heartache, and be undoubtedly important. Let’s be honest, there is no one definitive agreed-upon source when it comes to love and relationships. The only thing people seem to agree upon is that the more we know, the better the chance of meeting that someone whom we want to spend the rest of their lives with.

That list of mantras and tips for better dates we have in our head sounds like a sound byte stuck on repeat. They may have gotten us out of a few potentially bad situations. Mostly all they have done is get us the same relationships we are trying to get away from. So, what if we look at things from another perspective?

I’ve gotten some of the best dating advice and tips from some of the best dating and relationship coaches in the world. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t, some of it worked on some people but not others. I had to make my own mistakes to learn what worked for me. What I did learn though are six things that work for nearly everyone.

Tips for better dates

Dating Advice Tip 1 – Get in the right mindset before a date.

Clear your mind from your daily grind. Deadlines, bills, shopping lists, that butt chewing from your boss. Unwind and relax before you go out. Get into your fun mode and head out with just having a fun time in mind.

Better dates in six tips

Tips for better Dates – Your date should see you as the ‘first choice’.

When approaching someone I always convey that I want to speak to that person because I see there is something special in them. No one wants to be seen as the “last resort consolation prize”. It’s not fair to them, and it will only end badly for you.

In the same regard, you should feel as though you are the first prize and top priority in their love life. You’re not being blown off, you’re not being left guessing. As far as tips for better dates go, this should be an obvious one.

Better date tips

You don’t always have to impress.

Remember that calmness I mentioned? It has power behind it. The best dating advice I got was to relax and just the moment. When you are in the moment, you are showing your true self. Let the other person try to impress you, not the other way around. It’s okay to reject them before they reject you. This is probably the easiest tips for better dates I ever got.

Best dating tips

My Best Dating Advice Tip – You can’t control other people’s choices.

Building on tip three you can’t hold on too tight. Remember that you are out to a fun time with another person. If they happen to be a person you want to spend more time with, great. If not, let it go. Trying to hold onto someone that doesn’t share the same goals as you will only lead you to crush on them. With that, you also need to remember that if you don’t let them know you want to spend more time with them, they will fade away. Be in the mindset to allow whatever is going to happen, to happen in regards to the relationship. This probably the strongest dating advice I can give.

Dating advice for better dates

Tips for better Dates – You deserve the best.

Do you remember tip two? This tip builds upon it. It’s also where my 14 traits came into being. I can’t control other people, but I can control what I’m looking for. If I’m not their number one, and they don’t have what I’m looking for, then they are not the best for me. Back to tip four –  let it go.

Real tips for dating

Resolve the issue.

This is more when you are in the relationship. It’s not so much compromise as it is resolution. Some compromise is okay but can open the door to manipulation if you are not careful. When resolving a conflict, resolve the underlying issue. Try to see it from their point of view. You may be seeing the same thing, just from two different sides. It’s not you against them. It’s you and them against a problem.

Dating advice tips for better dates Keep in mind that not all dating advice or tips for better dates are one-hundred percent universal. These six tips are just something I have found to work with a majority of people I have worked with to include myself. With the ever-changing tide of dating and relationships in the 21st century, these tips seem to help us navigate around that storm.