How To Flirt With The 5 Types Of Flirting

Girls Ask Guys Show Podcast
Girls Ask Guys Show Podcast


John Newport and Ashley Sanders


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The last three episodes were how to get ready for dating, getting the date, and going on the date. One thing was missing from that micro-course. That was how to flirt. But, only because flirting is such a large topic.

In this episode, John and Ashley cover the five types of flirting, how they work, and the outcomes each type of flirting has. What a lot of people don’t know is that each type of flirting has a specific outcome. So, if you use the wrong type consistently you could be missing a great relationship because of the flirting style. Or, the outcome leads to a different type of relationship than you expected.

Knowing your primary flirting style can greatly assist you in building the type of relationship you desire.

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