How To Get A Date

Girls Ask Guys Show Podcast
Girls Ask Guys Show Podcast


John Newport and Ashley Sanders


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In this episode, John and Ashley finally give all you listeners who asked what you want. A micro-course that walks you through how to meet someone and how to get a date. Included with this episode is a PDF that is downloadable, depending on the platform in which you are listening. If you cannot download the PDF you can go to our site and get it there under this episode title. We walk you through three of nine steps you will need to meet someone new in order to get a date and establish a relationship based on integrity and authenticity. But, to be successful you have to do the work. This isn’t something you can shortcut on. These are the core fundamentals we go through with everyone. If you never listen or buy another “How To Date Someone” book these nine steps will prove successful if you do the work.

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