Don't be afraid of your partner

Remember #youmatter just as much as your partner does.

Why are you sleeping like this? The biggest problem in relationships is that people are afraid of their partner. Think about all the things you’ve held back out of fear of your partner getting upset, angry, or even afraid of the person leaving you. It’s almost ironic that the one person we are afraid of being brutally honest with is the one person we feel safest with. When I reflect on past relationships, I realize that I was afraid of them. I was afraid that if I was 100% honest at all times, they would leave. This doesn’t mean going out of your way to nitpick about things like toilet paper, but being honest about your feelings in certain situations. Stop being so afraid of someone who is supposed to love you. Will it cause a fight? It might, but you are you willing to be silenced because you’re afraid of a fight with someone? Do you honestly think you’re relationship will be better off with you just remaining silent as your partner walks all over you? You are their partner, not their doormat. Your feelings are valid, your opinions matter and you deserve to be heard. Stop allowing the fear of being left to keep you quiet as a person Instead of saying “it’s fine” just to avoid a fight, or having sex when you REALLY don’t want to…those little sacrifices to create resentments. Resents obviously are the little flowers that bloom into the end of your relationships. Maybe we should stop trying to please our partners by making ourselves unhappy. The right person will respect your honesty, and value you for having the courage to speak up! Stop being afraid and making resentful sacrifices. Remember just as much as your partner does.