Sex Mistakes Guys Make and Women Hate

Girls Ask Guys Show Podcast
Girls Ask Guys Show Podcast


John Newport and Ashley Sanders


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John and Ashley run through a list of the most popular complaints that women have about men when it comes to sex. These mistakes can make or break a guy in the sex department when it comes to satisfying a woman. Some are pretty basic and we hear them all the time, others not so much.

The thing is, most guys get their information from non-reliant sources. Movies, TV, magazines, porn, and their buddies. They rely on tips and tricks or what they think has worked in the past. Women are being left disappointed and they want these mistakes gone for good. Guys, if you want to be her sex god, this is your episode.

When it comes to sex, the best place to get your information is right from the source. Can’t do that, well, we are the next best thing.

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