What guys find attractive in girls


What is the most popular and hardest question we get? Are there qualities guys see as attractive? This is a very difficult question to answer because it is very subjective to individual guys. It is also difficult because we can split what guys find attractive in a girl between physical beauty and personality.

We are going to do our best with answering this question anyway. Just keep in mind that what we give here is not a definitive list of every attractive quality. No one indicator exists as every person views beauty a little differently. With that said, we are going deep into this and staying as broad as possible.

To do this we are going to the data. We find this is best rather than assume a physical trait or body type the best indicator of genuine attraction. Going to what research shows and similar results for human attraction just might help your love life.

Let’s get into this question and see if we can find that extra piece of information for you. What do guys find attractive in a girl?


What Physically Do Guys Find Attractive In A Girl

We normally stay away from the physical attraction side of things. The reason is that it’s very subjective and tastes in physical attraction can change over time. This is much like standing two men next to each other and have them list what they find attractive about three women. The list the men make will not be exactly alike. Do the statues and paintings of women from the 1700s or 1800s look like the models of today?

To begin, let’s start with the overall female figure. What do men like? You might find this funny. When Dan Brown’s book “The Da Vinci Code” hit the stores a formula entered into pop culture for discovering beauty. It is known as the PHI formula and some regard it as the most beautiful number in the universe. Some believe that if your figure conforms to this formula you are regarded as attractive. A lot of people took this formula and built businesses to give you the perfect figure.


The Golden Formula

The idea comes from German psychologist Adolf Zeising. His book “New Teachings On The Proportions Of The Human Body” came out in 1854. Adolf believed that PHI is a universal law that determines beauty in all things. The problem is that you can’t reach phi, it’s an irrational number. You will always be off no matter how hard you work.

To prove this Stanford Professor Keith Devlin tested the formula. His report shows that people do not have a preference for phi shapes over other shapes.

There is no clear empirical evidence that all men want a certain body type. In general, men do not place high importance on the narrow waist, wide hips, or an hourglass figure. The genuine attraction to cute girls is not reliant on physical appearance. Physical attractiveness is not small noses, full lips, high cheekbones, small feet with a small frame. So, what do guys find attractive in a girl?


Overall Body Shapes

You may think men pay a lot of attention to the ratio of hips and waist. This isn’t really true according to existing evidence. In fact, women pay more attention and are more critical of hip-to-waist ratios than men. An international study by the University of New South Wales in Sydney found that men place a higher emphasis on proportions. The more equally proportionate a woman is, the more attractive she becomes. Researchers say this could show men are generally looking for good general health.

There are lots of men who admit they like breasts. Some men even say the bigger the better. Hold on to your seats because this great revelation will blow you away. Breast size is not as big a factor in attraction as you might think. A study published in Hormones and Behavior shows men don’t initially pay attention to a woman’s breast region. The study showed men’s and women’s sexual photos and used eye-tracking technology to trace eye movement. Men spent more time looking at the woman’s face. Other studies support that men’s gaze spends more on the eyes, lips, and chin than other areas of the face. Women, on the other hand, spent more time looking at the man’s genitals. As for chest gazing, men tend to look at the size of other men’s chests.

This does change slightly when considering a person as a friend or for romance. For romance, men will adjust where they look to eyes, chest, and waist. Women adjust where they look to eyes, lips, and arms. When considering someone for friendship the eyes move more towards the legs and feet for both men and women.


What do men like in women

Other Physical Attributes


Overall men prefer women who have a more natural look than a general cosmetic appearance. Women have a preference for a look with slightly more makeup than men. Facial attractiveness increases among men when women wear 40% less makeup than normal. A more recent study shows that women heavy makeup applications had less human-like traits. Less makeup will give you a better physical appearance.


Hair color

Do men really prefer blondes? Is that what guys find attractive in a girl? Contrary to the popular belief brunettes have a more positive rating than blondes amongst men. Women on the other hand tend to prefer blonde men. So why do blonde women get more attention? Researchers looked into this. They found that men perceive blonde women to a positive attitude and are more approachable. The fear of rejection a guy may feel then decreases.

Brunettes tend to be preferred because they are seen as being more emotionally stable. This again is a stereotype. All research studies conducted on the color of hair and attraction so far receive similar results.

The study also found that women with red hair have a more difficult time. The conclusion for this is that red hair is comparatively rare to other natural hair colors. There is also a negative stereotype connection.

The length of hair did not have any noticeable effect on how many times a woman was approached.



Eye color such as blue eyes has no bearing on the attractiveness effect. The color of a woman’s eyes is much like everything else, personal preference.


What have we got so far?

Well, existing evidence shows there is no one body type guys prefer. Overall they are looking for a healthy person who has features proportional to their height. Guys do take a good look at women’s chests. Whether you have small breasts or large does not play a major role. Men, when considering a woman for a long-term relationship will make eye contact while looking at her face.

The best scientific findings so far indicate guys are looking for facial maturity. Meaning, he is taking in your facial features. He is trying to see if your facial symmetry matches his idea of a good look in a life partner. His eyes will then go to the rest of you searching for any additional physical trait and attractive quality.

An extra piece of information is to wear less makeup. You do not want to have a general cosmetic appearance of a composite face. Allow him to see those little things in your facial features. Don’t cover it up on date night.

The only thing that research shows that may affect your dating life is the color of hair. Blondes get approached more frequently than any other color. Redheads have the least amount of approaches. Brunettes have the most preference. All studies say more research needs to be done. There is no clear empirical evidence that your color of hair factors into how men choose a life partner.

So, as far as physical traits are concerned you should be in good health and wear less makeup. The research really tells us that physical beauty is highly individualized among men.


Let’s move onto the non-physical side

Do you want to get sexier for the guys? Well, it comes in a total package not just in the looks department. Just like you, guys look at how you act and how you handle life. In short, who you are. Just remember that what gets one guy’s motor humming might shut another guy down. Below we have a list of general positive personality traits men find attractive in women.


What attracts a man

Human Behavior Attraction Effect For Guys

Be A Little More Silly

If you read our article Girls Ask Guys Out then this will help back that up. A study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin shows that men like women who do not conform. This means men like women who can act a little child like or goof around. Even John has said he likes this in several episodes.

The research consists of five studies. The first two studies show that both women and men have a preference for non-conformist romantic partners. A surprise finding was that women overestimated how much men prefer women who conform to societal rules.

The third study showed that both men and women gravitate to the non-conformist of the group. This action was more evident among men than women. Study four supported the third and shows that nonconformist romantic couples have more dating success. They also have more attraction towards each other and greater love.

The fifth study of the research shows that women have a preference for men who conform to dating success. What this means is that men should conform to a little more of the social rules. Women should conform less to social rules. The simple answer to this is that men like women who play.

Feel Free To Laugh

Having a sense of humor is in the top five of almost everyone’s desired personality traits. The study we found supported this. However, the findings may surprise you.

The study in Evolution and Human Behavior shows that the sexes have a difference in the level of attraction based on humor. Women prefer men who are humorous. Men prefer women who laugh at their humor. Before you guys go and start to study higher levels of stand-up comedy you will want to remember this. Both sexes attributed humorous people as being socially adept, but less intelligent. So ladies, don’t act too silly.

The First Move Is Okay

In the above-mentioned article Girls Ask Guys Out we pointed out that women can ask out guys. We found another study that proves this. The study is titled A Powerful and Flexible Paradigm for Studying Romantic Relationship Initiation shows that men like women who make the first move. The simple behavior of showing initial interest in any area can be almost irresistible to men.

Show Social Media Restraint

A study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology shows that men find it attractive when women show restraint on social media. The study finds that following old boyfriends or having virtual affairs is a problem in romantic relationships. The study also finds that posting about what your most recent date can be a turn-off to most men.

What men find attractive in women

Be Intelligent

To gain the full extent of this we looked at three studies. Men say they want an intelligent woman. The problem is that physical attractiveness is associated with lower intelligence. This is a catch twenty-two for many women.

A study in social psychology from Northwestern University shows many believe physically perfect semi-naked women are mentally weak. Research shows that women who are more body aware drop high-intellect pursuits in order to be viewed as attractive.

A related article on science news shows modern men are changing to a decided preference for women who are intelligent. This is not yet universal but is higher in more gender-equal countries. Men who still have a traditional mindset do prefer the woman to have more beauty and domestic skills. Men with more gender-equal attitudes prefer a more intelligent life partner.

The last study came from George Mason University. To show you are intelligent you can’t shy away from deep conversations. When a guy is attracted to you there will be a natural curiosity. The more curious he is the closer he feels to you. One of the fascinating discoveries in this related article is the appearance of authenticity. A person who is not afraid to go deeper into a topic appears more authentic. Have a deep conversation with him. Don’t forget eye contact.


The Takeaway

There are all kinds of beautiful people out there. Most are looking for a long-term relationship and a great love life. In reality, it has little to do with facial symmetry, wide hips, blue eyes, or small feet. Any physical traits are small details held only by the individual man. Nothing is a universal truth when it comes to beauty.

Let’s say there is a cute girl who is said to have the right eye color. She supposedly has correct facial attractiveness while standing in high heels. Not every guy is going to find her attractive. She has no evolutionary advantage over you.

You can reach higher levels on a regular basis with just a small amount of information.

  • Take good care of yourself.
  • Wear less makeup.
  • Be willing to have fun and play.
  • Don’t be a damsel in distress. It’s okay to make the first move.
  • When you are exclusively dating show social restraint. Cancel or suspend the dating website. Don’t share your email address with other potential romantic partners. Little things like that.
  • Do you need reading glasses? Wear them instead of contacts. Show that you are intelligent. It’s the new sexy. Reading glasses are associated with intelligence. If you need them on a regular basis you might as well play it up. Simple answer, guys want a deep conversation with an intelligent woman. It builds greater attraction and has greater positive relationship outcomes.


We hope this article helps answer the question of what guys find attractive in a girl that so many women ask about. Feel free to comment and leave feedback.

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