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John Newport Girls Ask Guys Show

John Newport

Host & Coach

John has been a dating coach for over 20 years. He started as a pickup artist. Then started studying psychology, human bahavior, sexology, micro-expresions, and several more sciences. These studies changed his views and processes in meeting people, attracting quality people, dating, and developing deep authentic relationships.

Girls Ask Guys Show Host Ashley

Ahley Sanders

Host & Coach

Ashley comes from terrestrial radio and music artist promotions. Her dating and relationship knowledge is real world based. Her experience comes from learning from trial and error while working under the pressure of high expectations. Her unique experience is something few people possess.









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Fact Based

The dating, love, and relationship advice given by John and Ashley are proven to work through scientific and peer reviewed studies of universities. Many of these studies sources are given during the episodes.

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The Girls Ask Guys Show dating and relationship, love coach, podcast is listened to in over 100 countries. The show is distributed on 30+ different carriers. These include Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Google, Pandora, Spotify, and Yandex.

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Each episode of the Girls Ask Guys Show podcast is produced in high quality. We use the same recording resources used by the BBC and World Radio. We use the same sound editor used by Hollywood.

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