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You’re a smart and kind person. You’re a catch. At least that is what everyone tells you. But, you are frustrated, confused, and disappointed in not being able to meet the person you desire for that soul-shaking love connection.

You may have read books, watched videos, tried online dating, a dating app, maybe even tried an online course. But, you still can’t find a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or that “someone” who is right for you.

We are here to tell you that it is possible to finding lasting love with a person who you find attractive. Someone who complements you in the right way.

No tricks, no “methods”, no techniques, scripts, manipulation, “system”, or games.

Do Any Of The Following Feel Familiar?

  • You’re still getting over a breakup.
  • You have spent years in a relationship with someone needy or selfish.
  • It seems to be so easy for other people but not you.
  • You are burned out on online dating sites and the anxiety of dating.
  • All the good guys and good girls are taken.
  • You’re afraid getting hurt again.
  • Maybe you’re conscious of getting older.
  • You’re afraid of being alone forever.
  • Life feels incomplete without the love you truly want.
  • You wonder if there’s something wrong with you.
  • You have trouble trusting your own judgment with people.
  • You have nearly convinced yourself that real love or desire is impossible.
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If any of these feel familiar to you, then a dating and relationship coach can help.

Our dating services show you how to meet men or how to meet women in a natural, authentic, and organic way that is true to who you are. The strategies we use are time tested, proven, and scientifically backed. We show you the research.

It doesn’t matter if you have never had a girlfriend, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, been on a thousand dates, or married for 40 years. We go where no other coach or expert goes. What we show can change your life.

Let us show you how to get soul-shaking love.

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Know Your desires and find true love.

We are not like another dating, relationship, and love coaches. We don’t splash how many clients we have worked with, our popularity, or any of the other “look at me” stuff. What does any of that stuff do for you?

We don’t help you “manifest” your ideal partner. We are not going to have you memorize scripts. Do meditation exercises. Give distant reiki healing or intuitive “readings.” All of these examples are true and published as to what is offered by other coaches.

What we do is show you what works and what doesn’t. Our process starts with you. Until you have figured out who you are and where you want to go in life how is anyone supposed to join you? To gain someone’s attraction, they need to have a clear idea of what you are presenting.

Next, we take you through understanding the most common desires of the opposite sex. This area is backed up by hundreds of thousands of different reports and scientific findings. Much of it may shock you as you find out what you thought was true was nothing more than a social myth.

Then we start polishing. This is where you start putting what you learned into action. We start you in the kiddie pool before we toss you into the currents and waves of the dating and relationship ocean. We start you on a path of making decisions and making small changes.

Every decision, change, and action helps clarify who you are and your life. Things become more clear. Which, builds your self-worth, makes you more confident, more attractive, and creates more success. Each piece builds upon the previous piece attracting and creating what you seek.

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I Know Cupid and the Girls Ask Guys Show offer you a guide to discovering the love life you dream about. Our step-by-step training shows you how to attain that fulfilling intimacy without the pressure.