In this guest episode, we talk with Lauren from And Coffee Blog. She shares with us a bit about Enneagrams and deciphers the type of enneagram that John and Ashley are. She does such a good job that is able to guess the wing type of enneagram that John is based on a short description that John gives. We also talk about Laurens’s upcoming podcast that helps out all the coffee lovers out there. Her podcast is currently set to release around the Christmas Holidays of 2019. John and Lauren go a little in-depth into the inner workings of a coffee shop and the type of revenue coffee shops can make. Lauren also shares a little bit about what her podcast would cover in terms of helping coffee lovers recognizing a good cup of well-made coffee versus a poorly made cup. We then talk about marriage and the huge step it can be for anyone. She describes her views on marriage and the types of feelings she had before she and her husband got married. She then gives insights into the relationships she has witnessed as a comparison to her own relationships. Lauren can be found through the following links. Instagram: Facebook: Pintrest:

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