In this episode, Dima shares some of what it is like to balance work, life, and relationships. How being a model can place a strain on a relationship if the other partner is not mature enough to handle what comes with the job. We give some tips on how to rekindle a relationship through some very simple techniques. Also discussed is how physical beauty or being nice can affect a relationship in ways that people do not expect. Another topic that Dima shares about modeling is feeling relaxed in front of the camera. How building trust between her and the photographer helps get the photos needed for the product or designer. This same trust also crosses into everyday relationships.

Building on that topic is helping your relationship maintain it’s spark by taking care of yourself and trying to be your best for your partner by attempting to remain attractive to them. We wrap part two of the discussion with Dima on how small changes can boost someone’s self-confidence. You can connect with Dima on Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon at:

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