John and Ashley talk with the International model Dima Kontar. Dima gives us insights into what it is like to be a model who has appeared on the runway, worked in fashion, and has done commercial modeling for large brands. Dima gives us an insight into what it is like to transition from going from the traditional modeling to being an independent model while balancing marriage, kids, and a career. She gives us a small breakdown of what it is like being a model when compared to the overall popular view of what modeling is. She also gives us a view as to how it is to model in different cultures. How she was asked to stop modeling after she became engaged, but decided to continue her career instead. The problems that caused her relationship and how she and her husband were able to overcome it. This episode sets the stage for a more in-depth conversation in the coming episodes where Dima gives more details on each stage of her relationship and career. You can connect with Dima on Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon at:

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