Avoid Ambiguous Dating! Not sure where your relationship is going? Are you boyfriend and girlfriend or not? Have questions about what type of relationship you want or what’s expected? All of these questions are discussed in this episode of the Girls Ask Guys Show.

John and Ashley have guest Taylor “Tay” Craig from Forgottenbasics.com on the show. Taylor is also a dating coach who has a different way of explaining concepts that may work for some listeners. Today we go over Ambiguous Dating and relationships and give some tips and what each of us does to avoid this pitfall so many people can end up in. From meeting to the first date, all the way to the breakup or separation, we cover it all. To connect with Taylor: https://www.forgottenbasics.com/ or @ryctay on Instagram You can also visit us at: https://www.girlsaskguysshow.com or give us a one-touch direct call or message.

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