We continue our conversation with Lauren from And Coffee Blog. In this very powerful episode, we pick up from part one and continue to look at relationships where decisions were made to end what could have been a good relationship for what seems to be a superficial reason. We also talk about how past relationship heartbreak can have an effect on future associations. Lauren shares her story of how she and husband met. How her previous relationship fell apart and the internal conflict she was dealing with which made her miss the interest her would-be husband was showing. Lauren then shares how her past breakup affected her when her future husband told her he wanted to date her. One of the highlights of her story comes when she describes a car ride where she was not feeling what her future husband was seeing. She describes that the feeling of how that night turned out is the feeling they have to the current day. A second highlight comes when Lauren describes the first time when she realizes that her future husband has become a priority in her life and her feelings at that moment in time. She then describes the early months of their relationship where they experienced job loss, relocation, a stalker ex, deaths in the family, illness and more. How they dealt with these trials and overcame them together. Lauren then describes the types of traits that her then-boyfriend demonstrated to her that drew her in.

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