In part three of our conversation with Lauren from And Coffee Blog we talk a little more about the Enneagram and how it helped Lauren in understanding her husband better. She shares the type of communication that works in her marriage compared to other relationships she witnessed.

Lauren shares that the enneagram helps her understand her husband’s thought process. Through understanding how he processes information and what motivates him situations that could have torn them apart were able to be overcome.

While telling her story, Lauren not only shares the level of communication her marriage has but also the underlying why her marriage has it. Lauren then goes a step further and shares how she and her husband deal with older emotions from previous relationships while being married.

The conversation then continues where Lauren gives a warning on how some people can over-complicate communication. Examples of the types of communication that work in other relationships that would not necessarily work for other couples.

A golden moment happens when Lauren shares what made the decision to get married easier. She describes the value system that she and her husband share and how both of them are aligned with those values. Lauren shares a little bit of a previous relationship where she encountered emotional abuse and manipulation. She tells us what worked for her on recognizing it. She then gives her thoughts on finding “the one” versus choosing to love someone.

 We then talk about breakups, closure, and dealing with heartbreak. The types of questions you should not be asking yourself to move beyond that point in your life so you can be ready for a healthy or successful relationship.

Lauren then shares how she and her husband work through disagreements with the communication that works for them. How the enneagram assists in recognizing what the other person needs and forming the right question to ask.

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