In this fourth and final extended episode with Lauren from And Coffee Blog we talk about some of the struggles that happen within a relationship and how she and husband were able to work through them.

This episode starts with a discussion over the show and the growth and impact the show is having on relationships.

We then quickly move into a modern interpretation of relationships and the concept of sacrifice. How this can set up the relationship to be toxic versus being in the relationship 100% equally.

Lauren then explains that you don’t have to be completely ready to be in a relationship. A person should recognize that they are a person and can grow. Recognizing who a person is makes that person’s outer physical beauty that much better.

Tips are given on meeting a person by deemphasizing trying to make a type of first impression and how it can lead to missing the person that could make you happy. She then expands a little further and describes how she listened to her inner voice to recognize when a relationship was not the type she was looking for.

We then move into the dating area where we discuss the types of people we dated or who we were and the mistakes made in those relationships. How getting caught up in superficial ways of thinking can prevent you from progressing as a person and meeting a person who can make you happy.

A discussion takes place about pick-up artists and approaching someone for the first time. The type of attitude a person should have and how it can affect the outcome. How overthinking things can make things more complex in meeting someone.

How observing couples who have been married for decades can give insights into building a healthy marriage.

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