In this special episode, John and Ashley look at the allegations against YouTuber Greg Jackson, AKA Onision. Jackson has been the center of controversy for years. John and Ashley show that his views have not changed over the years. Today he is under investigation by Chris Hanson and possibly the FBI for grooming young girls into sexual relationships. The topic is so large that even this extended show could not cover every angle of this bizarre youtube personality called Onision. From his initial marriage to a non-legal divorce, his grooming of underage girls who were fans of his channel and more is just too much. Through his own words and video’s Jackson ruined young girl’s lives. He made up stories and tormented them online. When asked to stop he kept going.  John and Ashley watched the video interviews, visited the websites, and reviewed the available documents. Words cannot truly convey the mountain of evidence collected over the years. In this extended special episode, John and Ashley give their opinion and personal take on Onision (AKA Greg Jackson). Just listen at your own risk ask they not kind.  

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