In this episode, Ashley gets a question from a guy who wants a girl’s opinion on which superpower girls want most. He obviously doesn’t know Ashley because she didn’t find the question all that funny. But, John and Ashley continued by giving what superpower they would like to have and the reasons behind those choices. Ashley is able to trump John with her choice. The two then take a look at other superpowers and whether or not they are something worth having or not.

In this episode, you will hear John and Ashley openly admit that there are some superpowers that the public or governments should not allow them to have. You also hear the weird sense of humor that John has been harboring behind the scenes. We get a bit into picking apart some superhero lore and what we consider to be some liberties that modern movie makers take with some superpowers. Then Ashley accuses John of overthinking some of the superhero movies.

Ashley brings up the Greek gods and some of the superpowers they wielded. Don’t think either John or Ashley can be trusted with those powers as well. Ashley also doubts whether she would want the power of super-strength. Finally, John and Ashley pick apart some of the costume choices that superhero’s make.

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