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High-Quality Women: Where To Meet Them

I am about to tell every guy in the world the top places to find high-quality women. I have coached thousands of men ages 18 to 70 over thirty-plus years. These locations seem to have the highest-quality and most attractive women. Even better, they have average low girl-guy ratios.

When it comes to finding high-quality single women, many people give a lot of advice. They hand out bits and pieces of good stuff and a lot of crap advice. This short guide can work as a base to find, meet, and talk to the women you seek.

I am constantly surprised when approached by a guy or group of guys who ask me, “where can I find the women?” Then when I tell them, “look around you,” they become annoyed. Women are everywhere. They are not going anywhere; look around.

I know what they are asking. The guys want to see where the party girl or easy girl is. They are not looking to meet quality women. These guys want an easy way to meet women without dedicating time to their efforts. Even if they knew where to go, they would still hit the wall known as the rule of 7. When you see the law of 7, your success with women increases exponentially.

Having worked in one way or another in the dating and relationship industry, I can tell you that everyone is looking for the right girl or guy. Whether this is conscious or unconscious, people are always looking. Whether a person is married, in a relationship, or single all of them are looking. It is not hard to spot wandering eyes if you pay attention.

In this article, I will share where I, and most of my clients, consistently meet the most high-quality women. Not just for sex but for deeply meaningful relationships that can elevate your life.

A note to the women who may read this: I do not mean any offense to anything you may read. What is stated is what men think and talk about every day.

To the guys, let’s get started.

What Type Of Woman Do You Want

Let’s Start Here: What Kind of High-Quality Women Do You Want?

What kind of woman are you looking for? The answer to this question will determine what type of woman you should look for and where you should look for them.

When it comes to dating, many things go into finding the right person. You have to consider things like your interests, lifestyle, and goals. But who you are looking for is one of the most critical factors. In order to find high-quality women, you need to know what kind of woman you want.

This may seem like a difficult task, but it’s actually pretty simple if you take the time to make a list of specific qualities. Don’t concentrate on the physical, either she will be attractive to you or not. Look at the qualities you cannot see.

Once you have this list, it’ll be much easier to identify high-value women when you meet them. Whether you live in a small town or one of the major cities, you will begin to meet girls you want to meet. And as an added bonus, knowing what you want will help expand your social networks so you can meet more women that fit your criteria.

You don’t get two birds; you get three birds with one stone: attractive, high-quality, expanded social network. All while meeting more single women.

Let’s go deeper.


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