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Proven Older Men Dating Sites: Dare You To Read

I put together a list of proven older men dating sites. Why? Because dating sites for older men are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for an older man to find young women for a serious relationship. Whether you’re looking for a casual connection or something more serious, the online dating scene may have everything you need to find quality matches for younger women seeking older guys.

Whether you’re looking for a causal connection or a more permanent romantic, committed relationship, there is an age gap dating site and dating apps for you to choose from. Knowing which site is right for you with so many options can be challenging.

We have done a lot of the research, so you have a good place to start. Some of these sites may be mentioned in our article for women seeking younger men, but some are listed here that cater primarily to men.

Further down, you will find my guide to knowing if a younger woman likes you.

Staying Safe On Online Singles Dating Sites

Staying Safe on These Online Singles Dating Sites

When looking for love online, it’s important to remember to stay safe. Here are some tips to help keep you safe while considering a dating website:

– Keep your guard up and avoid pushy people. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, leave the conversation or site immediately.

– Checking who you are considering dating is essential for being safe on a dating site. You can search their name online and check social media profiles for red flags (i.e., catfish).

– Let a friend or family member know where you’re headed and when you’ll be back. This is key information if something happens during your date. Don’t post this information on your online social profile.

– Don’t meet at their home right away–meet in a public place instead. And don’t go to the same place every time; mix it up.

– If you are uncomfortable, leave–no excuses necessary! It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

– Stick with coffee, tea, or soda to stay sober and avoid putting yourself in a risky situation. Getting drunk on a first date is never a good idea!

FAQs About Dating Sites

FAQs About Senior Dating Sites

Q: Are senior dating sites only for seniors?

A: No, there are many different types of dating sites, including those that cater to a specific age group. Senior dating sites are one example, but there are also dating sites for people who are divorced, single parents, and those who are looking for casual relationships.

Q: How do I know if a dating site is a right choice for me?

A: The best way to find out is to try several different ones and see which feels most comfortable. Most senior dating sites have free trials or offer limited membership periods so you can test them out before going for a paid membership.

Q: What kind of people will I meet on a senior dating site?

A: You’ll meet singles of all ages on these websites, but the majority will be older adults. This is because seniors make up one of the fastest-growing online dating groups in the United States. But, you can also find those who are younger and looking to date a mature older man.

Q: How safe is it to date online?

A: Dating online can be just as safe as meeting someone in real life if you take precautions. Make sure you’re honest about yourself in your profile, don’t share too much personal information at first, and always meet in public places.

Online Dating Site Scams

Q. I’ve heard a lot about online dating site scams. How can I avoid them?

There are a lot of scams that occur on online dating sites. One common scam is when someone professes their love to you very quickly. They will often ask for personal details and information from you, such as your address or bank account details. You can block them and report the profile to the dating service if they say they love you and have never met you before.

Scammers will often follow up on any meeting cancellations with requests for money. So be careful if someone asks you for money after saying they’ve fallen in love with you or had a family emergency. If this happens, you can bet they have set up fake profiles and social media accounts. Report them to the dating app or dating website administrator.

It can be difficult to tell whether a conversation is shady or not, but there are some things to look out for. For example, scammers will often ask for money upfront or promise gifts or meeting in person in return for financial help. Another warning sign is when the person tries too hard to make themselves sound like a good match for you. If something seems off, it’s best to trust your gut instinct and move on.

Dos and donts for an online relationship

Q. I haven’t dated in a while. What are some do’s and don’ts for an online relationship?

Dating can be a lot of fun, but it can also be nerve-wracking. If you’re not used to online dating, or if you haven’t dated in a while, here are some dos and don’ts to help make your experience more enjoyable and successful.

DO: research the person before meeting them. It’s always helpful to know as much as possible about the person you’re going out with by checking out their social media accounts. It can also help in making a good first impression by knowing a few details.

DON’T: lie about your age. People will figure it out sooner or later, so it’s best just to be honest from the start. It’s also important to be yourself and not try too hard to impress someone – they’ll appreciate you for who you are!

DO: include a variety of pictures on your profile, including funny ones, full-body, smiling ones, and one of you doing something you love! This gives potential dates a better idea of who you are and makes them more likely to want to reach out to you.

DON’T: cast too wide a net – focus on quality over quantity when reaching out to people. If someone doesn’t write back after one message, don’t take it personally. Just keep reaching out until you find someone who’s interested.

Meet Women

The Easiest Way To Meet High-Quality Women Fast

When it comes to meeting high-quality women, most guys don’t have a lot of experience. It can be tough to know where to start, what site to use, or how to act when you finally meet her. That’s where the dating experts come in.

We know about online dating, and we can help you find dates that are perfect for you. We can help you create a profile that stands out from the competition. Our time-tested nine-topic questions that you need to include in your profile will get you more attention from the women you are looking to meet. We will also give you tips on how to approach these women to make the best first impression possible.

If you are not interested in the online approach we have another article on the best places you can frequent to meet high-quality women. No, these are not clubs or bars. Three of these are so far under the radar that most men don’t even consider them.

Dating Sites or Dating App for Older Men

Dating Sites or Dating App for Elite Older Men and Attractive Younger Women

Dating sites for older guys and younger women are becoming more popular every day. These websites provide a way for people to improve their chances of finding love at any age or stage in life. Whether you’re an older man looking at dating younger women or vice versa, this type of online dating platform can help you find like-minded singles.

There are many benefits to being with a senior dating man or woman, but there are also some risks. It’s important to be aware of these before you decide to start dating someone significantly different in age than yourself. While age may be just a number, the experience difference can sometimes be difficult to navigate, but with the right tools, it can be done successfully.

This is covered in another article and can change your outlook on dating altogether. When you know that there is someone out there who is compatible with you on all levels, it becomes easier to open yourself up to new possibilities. Dating doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience; these websites can change your dating game!

Top Online Dating Sites For Older Men

Our Top Proven Older Men Dating Sites

match logo is one of the most popular dating websites out there and it has been around for quite some time. It is considered as the best dating on the internet. The site is tailored specifically for people over the age of 40, so you can be sure that you will find serious women on this platform. In addition, because charges a monthly fee, members are more likely to be committed to finding a relationship.

Prices may vary depending on your area, but you can expect to pay about $16.99 per month for a paid membership of four months or more (the longer the commitment period, the cheaper the monthly price). Another great thing about is that you can sort your matches by the last login date in order to focus on those who are online now or were online within the last 24 hours – perfect if you’re looking to get into the dating scene quickly. is such a large site with lots of other members. It’s important to be selective with whom you message. You want to keep a narrow focus if you want one of those success stories serious relationship.

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of users on this platform, very attractive women will naturally face fierce competition for their attention. Therefore, in order to stand out from the crowd, it’s important that you take time to think about your profile and the photos you use. A grab bag of selfies and a weird user name is a bad idea. also offers a 3-day limited free trial period which is perfect for people who are unsure about jumping into online dating or simply need some time to test it out before committing fully. When you are ready, get the paid membership so you don’t get lost in the sea of completely free accounts that are littered with fake accounts and fake profiles.

OkCupid Logo


OkCupid is one of the most popular dating websites. It’s completely free to use, and you can sign up in minutes. The site has a large membership base, and it’s growing every day.

OkCupid is different from other dating sites because it uses questions to match you with compatible partners. You answer Match Questions, which are tedious but help you narrow your search to find better matches. Your answers are private, so you can be honest without worrying about what others will think.

You can choose which answers you want to accept from potential matches, and there is an option for elaborating on any response in the text box. This helps ensure that you only see profiles of people who share your interests.

OkCupid also has a diverse membership base. People of all ages and backgrounds use OkCupid, so you’re sure to find someone who shares your interests.

The site takes slightly longer than to find someone, but those matches are there on the site for you to find them easily when someone new shows up on your feed. Paid memberships include advanced search filters, invisible browsing, and notification of women who like your profile.

Millionaire Match Logo


If you’re a millionaire and you’re looking for love, MillionaireMatch is the site for you. This site is exclusively for wealthy singles over 40 who are looking for serious relationships. The women on this site are beautiful and successful, and they’re only interested in dating real millionaires. I don’t recommend faking your bank account. I’ll explain this in a second.

In order to get the most out of MillionaireMatch, it’s important to write your profile with care and attention to detail. Your profile is your chance to show off what makes you unique and attract the kind of woman you’re looking for. As I mentioned earlier it’s important to take your time before posting anything.

MillionaireMatch has an incentive program that allows members to limit their search results to certified millionaires only. The site itself has a waiting list of people wanting to get their profiles listed. There is a full verification system in place, including proof of income, before you can join.

MillionaireMatch has a good reputation and high rating. If you think you qualify it may be worth checking out.

christian mingle logo


Christian Mingle may be expensive, but it’s worth the investment if you’re serious about finding a partner who has similar Christian values. There are many different levels of membership on ChristianMingle. Women typically outnumber men on the dating site, and there is a high-quality level of women.

Christian Mingle is one of the best dating sites for Christian singles. It is also a niche dating site, so it’s best used in conjunction with some other mainstream sites.

The dating platform is a great place to meet like-minded singles who share your values and beliefs. So if you’re looking for a serious relationship, Christian Mingle is worth investing in.

Jdate Logo


Jdate is a niche dating app for those who are of the Jewish faith. If you are not of the Jewish faith, this would be one of those dating apps you should pass on. Single-month access is expensive with the price going lower with multi-month plans.

As far as faith-based dating apps are concerned, JDate is 100% the leader in the best dating sites for this category.

For a niche online dating site, the number of profiles is rather high. Every profile is fully completed which is a sign of a good dating site. You can also narrow your search by multiple categories, including age.

If you are of the Jewish faith, this would be a site you should be considering.

Sugardaddie Logo

First, this site is only available in four countries (U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia).

This is a niche site for older men dating younger women. The women who register are seeking older men for sugar dating, but without the sugar label. That is what makes this such a unique and popular dating app.

If you are interested in being a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, or just sugar dating then this is the site I recommend. The site promotes safety and security with identity verification. This is one of the best sugar dating sites that is geared more towards relationships than money. doesn’t have a monthly paid membership plan. The site instead has credits you can purchase to unlock the features you want. This can save you lots of money if you keep your criteria narrow and focused.

If age gap dating or you are interested in being a sugar daddy then this is one of the best dating sites I can recommend for you.

Seeking Arrangement Logo


SeekingArrangement is a website that connects people looking for financial gain with someone willing to provide it. If isn’t the right fit for you and you want the traditional sugar daddy experience then this is your dating app.

If you are expecting a traditional dating site or anything other than sugar dating, this is not the dating site for you. You will be inclined to believe the site is full of scammers or fake accounts. Not true, the site team is very good at finding and banning fake accounts and those who go against the site policies and rules.

As for the other members on the site, they are verified and active. The site starts removing or halting accounts that are not active.

The sites paid membership is expensive. Pricing starts at $99.99 for 30-days.

If you are one of the established men who wants to try the traditional dating world of sugar daddy dating then this is the best dating site I can give.

Why Do Women Prefer to Date Older Men

Why Do Women Prefer to Date Older Men?

There are a number of reasons why women might prefer to date older men. The most common reason is that they believe older men are emotionally secure and stable, but others there are also other reasons.

For example, some women may feel more secure with an older man because he is likely to be more mature and has more relationship experience. Additionally, many women love the idea of having a long-lasting relationship with someone they trust.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that dating an older man has its benefits. If you’re looking for an experienced partner who can make you feel safe and secure an older guy may be in your dating success stories future.

Older Men and Younger Women Date Each Other

Why Do Older Men & Younger Women Date Each Other?

There are a variety of reasons why older men and younger women might choose to date each other. One reason is that the energy and enthusiasm that comes with youth make older men more attractive. Younger women can provide a refreshing sense of curiosity, energy, and enthusiasm that could make up for the lack of maturity in many relationships.

Dating is about the individuals involved, not their age. It just depends on the relationship and individual circumstances. Age should never be a deciding factor when it comes to love.

Another reason why this type of relationship is popular among men and women who are ready to date online is that the age gap dynamic is more straightforward and established than in other types of relationships. This type of relationship typically involves an older man looking for a younger woman and vice versa. There’s no guessing what each person wants or needs in this type of setup!

Age gap relationships have been around for centuries, but they’re becoming increasingly popular in today’s society as people become more open-minded about love. If you’re interested in dating someone who has similar values as you, online dating might be the right option!

How To Attract A Younger Woman

How Do I Attract a Younger Woman?

There’s no need to play games when trying to attract a younger woman–you know what you want, and she knows what she wants. You’re both adults, so cut the chase and go for it!

Since there is no game to win with a younger woman, some older men may find this type of relationship more appealing. An older man has had time to experience life and learn from his mistakes, which can make for a more stable relationship as he has a more solid foundation to build on.

What attracts a younger woman to an older man is more than just money or status.

The most common reason we hear that a younger woman will date an older guy is because of money or status. Even though that is the most common reason we hear, it’s not the most common reason a young woman dates an older man.

A young woman can be attracted to a guy who doesn’t have two pennies to rub together, yet the women surround him as if he was passing out diamonds. So, what is it that attracts women to older men? I have some answers for you.

What Attracts A Younger Woman To An Older Man

What Attracts A Younger Woman To An Older Man

There are many reasons why a younger woman might be interested in dating an older man. Some of these reasons may include that older men tend to be more established and have a better sense of themselves than younger men. Additionally, they can often provide wisdom and guidance that younger men may not have yet experienced. Younger women may also be drawn to the maturity level of older men, as well as the stability that comes with being in a more settled stage of life.

Some of what is included below will apply based on how the young woman was raised and her personality. Some of it will apply not to just older men, but to men in general.

The traits most young women talk about:

Older Guys Are More Classy

1. The Older Guys Are More Classy

Older men take care of themselves and know how to dress well. This is something that attracts younger women to them. Younger women are not interested in the current fashion trends that young men follow. Think ‘James Bond’ when talking about being classy.

Older men tend to take care of themselves with a neat haircut, trimmed beard, a nice classic style watch, and a good collection of classic style shoes, shirts, suits, and tuxes.

Now compare that to the younger guys who keep up with the latest TikTok fashion trends of giant Jordans, branded clothes, and baggy shorts.

Which of the two says ‘classy’ to you?

Older Men Are More Resourceful

2. Older Guys Seem To Be More Resourceful

Older guys come with a lot of advantages, one of which is their resourcefulness. Resourcefulness doesn’t mean money; I’m talking about reliability and problem-solving skills. They’ve been through a lot in life and have learned a lot of valuable lessons, which makes them much more equipped to deal with whatever challenges come their way.

In addition, they often have a strong network of friends and colleagues that can benefit both them and their future girlfriends. This could be anything from fixing a leaking faucet to preventing a business from filing for bankruptcy.

Older Men Have Unique Skills

3. Older Men Can Have Unique Skills That Younger women are attracted to

Older men are often seen as more experienced and knowledgeable in a variety of areas. An older guy has taken the time to pursue different hobbies and develop talents that a younger guy may see as a waste of time.

Women are often drawn to these qualities the older guy has. They can provide a unique and exciting experience throughout the relationship. Older men often have more interesting stories to share and can be great companions. Women appreciate the fact that older men can have unique skills, and this is something that can attract them to an older man.

Older Men Do Not Get Attached Easily

4. Older Men Do Not Get Attached Easily

It would not be his first breakup if she left.

An older guy is probably used to women coming into and exiting his life. He may be divorced, talks to lots of women, or dates many women. This gives him a lack of neediness to constantly want a woman by his side or get jealous over her talking to another guy.

Mature Men Are More Understanding

5. Older Men Are Often More Understanding

Older men are often more understanding and have a better understanding of women. This makes them more attractive to younger women. Older men have usually had more experience with relationships and better understand the dynamics between men and women. They are also less likely to get caught up in petty arguments and are more willing to let things slide.

Younger women find his assertiveness and boundaries attractive. This makes the younger guy less attractive because of his lack of action and tendency to get wrapped up in small stuff that doesn’t matter.

Older Men Are Better In Bed

6. Older Guys Are Better in bed

It’s been said before in our other articles, and it does apply here as well.

Let’s face it, a guy who has been around a while has probably been with a few women. He has learned a thing or two about what women enjoy. Truth be told, he may not be able to get up and go as many times as a college freshman, but he will last longer.

According to studies, a guy who takes care of himself can safely have sex well past his 70s. So don’t assume that the fire hose is out of commission just because there is silver up top.

This might blow your mind. One reason that the 40, 50, 60, or 70-year-old men are better between the sheets is that he is probably having more sex than that 20-year-old. Researchers and massive annual surveys show the younger generations are not having as much sex as the older generations.

Why can this be good for him and her? Probably because he has had his fair share of embarrassing bedroom moments and knows how to move past them in a way that makes everything okay.

A Guys Place Is An Attraction Factor

7. His Place Is An Attraction Factor

This is not a money thing; it’s a privacy thing. Younger men tend to live with roommates or still live at home. This really doesn’t work if things start getting hot and the clothes come off.

The older guy will usually have his own place where he can bring a date without having to clear out other people. If things get serious, it’s easier to move in together. He doesn’t need to kick out roommates or find a new place.

Older Men Have A Sense Of Mystery

8. The Mysterious Factor

Older guys who are emotionally secure and mature don’t brag. To an older man, what he has done in his life is just something he did. It’s not a big deal to him.

Usually, an older guy will only share his life story with those he trusts or those he feels close to. He will only share what he feels relates to what is being discussed. The side effect is that once he does share with a woman, she wants to know more about him.

If you want a good example of this go watch a James Bond film. When Bond talks to a woman, he doesn’t share a lot about his life. He shows more than talks.

Another example would be Season 2 of ‘Friends.’ The nine episodes where the Tom Selleck character Richard Burke becomes involved with the Courtney Cox character Monica. Burke doesn’t say a whole lot about his life unless it pertains. His actions show more, which wins over the women who are 21-years younger.

Older Men Are Able To Fill A Void

9. Older Men Are Able To Fill A Void

One of the biggest reasons a younger woman is attracted to an older man is the void she gets from so many younger men. She gets a man who is: resourceful, protective, confident, reliable, etc. Hookups aside, she is able to experience a meaningful relationship.

Again, the Richard Burke character in the show ‘Friends’ was a regular in only one season. The character only makes an appearance in a total of 7 episodes but is mentioned in 14 episodes until season 9.

Know If A Younger Woman Likes You

How To Know A Younger Woman Likes You

These are not the relationship traits mentioned in the article Traits Women Look For In Men, although those do help. But let’s assume you have most of what we are talking about above. How do you know if a younger woman likes you beyond your status or money? Are there signals you can watch for?

It just so happens there are.

Here are the top signs to watch for. These come from personal experience, talking to and interviewing women, and studies in human behavior.

Interested Womans Body Language

1. Watch Her Body Language

This has been mentioned in several episodes of the Girls Ask Guys Show Podcast. Watch the body language. Is it open and inviting? Does she step into your personal space or get close? People do not get close to someone they are not attracted to or feel comfortable with.

When she is close, is she being playful? Does she lock eyes with you? Does she touch for no reason?

You want to watch for a cluster of these signs. A few single instances only mean she is being friendly. However, a cluster of these could mean she is attracted to you.

Keep reading for more. You want at least three signs to be sure.

Woman Asks Questions

2. She’s Doing “Research”

She’s curious, and she has a gap to fill. She wants to figure you out, so she is asking questions. Some of these questions may seem odd or personal. The really personal ones are those that only an invested person would ask.

She may ask about your work, past, and maybe even past relationships. These are the types of questions that mean she is interested in you beyond just dating.

She is trying to figure out where you fit in her life and to what extent. Are you boyfriend material, a possible future husband, or just a fling? These questions are helping her figure things out.

She Wants You To Ask Her Questions

3. She Wants You To Ask Questions

This is possibly the biggest signal you can get.

When a woman considers you to be a part of her life and believes you see her as more than just a hot body, she will want you to ask her questions. She might give you opportunities to ask or may tell you to ask questions.

She wants to know if you see her as girlfriend material and if you are boyfriend material. She is interested if she is asking questions (like in signal 2 above). She wants to know if you are interested as well. That means asking questions.

She Cancels Plans To Be With You

4. She Cancels Plans

In the article Traits Women Look For In Men, I mentioned a younger woman might not be that loyal. If she is not that interested or loses interest, she may become distant the moment something more fun comes along.

However, if she likes you, she will cancel plans and rearrange her schedule to spend time with you.

She won’t flake out on you as often. If she misses a date, she will ask for a reschedule at the soonest possible time.

Compare this to the women who give reasons they cannot meet because of schedules, complains about how busy they are, and justify not showing up.

Age Gap Becomes Less

5. The Generational Divide Gets Smaller

Spend any significant amount of time with someone, and you begin to adopt some of their habits, mannerisms, tastes, and lingo.

There is a generational divide between women of Gen-Z, Millennial, and Gen-X. All you have to do is listen for the generational slang. If you are a Gen-X guy and want to know if a Gen-Z girl is into you, just listen. You will start to notice she will use less Gen-Z slang around you, like “W.” She might even start using your frequently used phrases such as “Neo-Zoom-Dwebe,” so you communicate better.

Woman Opens Up To A Man

6. She Gradually Starts To Open Up

Ever go on a date, and the woman shares her entire life story with you between the front door and car door? It’s too much information too early. Sharing some personal information is a good way to establish common ground and friendship. But a young woman who likes you won’t tell all if she really likes you (read #3).

Once she knows she can trust you, she will start to share details of her life. This means she starts showing the side of herself that she only reveals to someone she feels secure with.

This translates into you scored high on the attraction and familiarity dial. But, if this is your leading indicator, make sure you have others as well. Otherwise, you can mistake her friendship for romantic interest.

Young Woman Pays Attention

7. She Pays Attention

She remembers details about you. She knows your favorite dessert is Cendol, you only like dark roast coffee, and your favorite snack food is Chez-it.

If she remembers details about you, it means she is putting in an effort so you will like her.

She Breaks The Silence

8. She Will Break The Silence

Next time you are around her, try leaving a moment of awkward silence and see if she fills it. When someone likes another person, they will try to keep the conversation going. It doesn’t matter if it is face-to-face or over text. This is a good sign if it keeps happening.

When it comes to texting, the younger a woman is the more impatient she will tend to be. If she reply’s to a text and you don’t reply in a few hours, and she likes you, she will almost always follow up. If she is a younger woman, this is a big sign she likes you.

Dating With Older Men

Dating With Older Men

When it comes to dating, there are a variety of different opinions out there. Some people believe that it is better to date someone closer to your age, while others feel that age doesn’t matter. Still, others think that dating someone older has its benefits.

Older men have a lot of experience in relationships and know what they want in a woman. They’re also less likely to be distracted by superficial things, which can be appealing to some women. Additionally, older men often have more stability than younger men and can provide a more secure future for their partners.

While dating an older man may not be right for everyone, many women find that it has its advantages. If you’re considering this type of relationship, be sure to do your research first and make sure that both you and the man you’re interested in are on the same page about what you want from the relationship

Pros and Cons of Dating an Older Man

Pros of dating older men:

There are many pros to dating older men. For starters, they know how to treat a woman and make her feel special. An older man is confident and mature, making it easier to be yourself around him. You won’t have to worry about whether he’s more interested in your career or money-related activities–he’ll be more interested in you as a person. Dating an older man can help you realize that you deserve someone who will care for you and make you feel loved and cherished.

– Dating an older man can help you realize that you deserve someone who will support you.

– Dating an older man will allow you to focus on your relationship more than the other person’s career or money-related activities.

– He is confident and mature, which means it’s easier to be yourself around him.

Cons of dating older men:

There are a few potential cons of dating older men. First, an older man might be less interested in commitment than a younger man. He may just be looking for fun and not want to settle down with one woman. Second, the age difference between you and your partner might make communication difficult at times. You might not understand what he’s going through as well as someone closer to his own age. Finally, some people might see your relationship as weird or creepy. Be prepared for some raised eyebrows if you’re seen out with an older man!

– Dating an older man might lead to feelings of commitment.

– Older men may be more serious about relationships than younger men, who are often just looking for fun.

High Quality Women

1. You should be very clear about what a high-quality woman means to you

Many men can forget what they’re looking for when it comes to high-quality women. They might see a woman they are attracted to and start deviating from their set standards to try and accommodate the woman standing in front of them.

Guys, don’t do this. You need to stay true to yourself and not accept anything less than you deem a high-quality woman. You will set yourself up for failure if you do not select the right woman for you. Also, do not start making excuses if you allow your approach anxiety to get in the way and you don’t do anything to meet her.

Now, there are so many different types of guys in the world that it’s impossible to have one standard for all men when it comes to women. Some men like thin girls, others like curvier women; some like natural girls who don’t put much effort into their appearance, while others prefer women who care for themselves more.

Every man has particular tastes in women; what one person likes may be a complete turn-off to the guy standing next to him.

The important thing is that you know what you want and not be afraid to go after it!

Know How To Attract Women

2. Know how to attract her and connect with her when you meet her

When you first meet a woman, it’s important to have her feel attracted and connected to you. Some guys know how to do this by simply being themselves, while others don’t know how to maintain the connection once they’ve made it. In contrast, some guys only talk in a “friendly” way that is not attractive or interesting enough for the woman.

So what can you do to make sure that you are one of the guys who know how to attract and connect with high-quality women?

It all comes down to knowing how she feels when she’s attracted. This involves being able to read the small non-verbal cues that are missed by most people. These cues are not those covered on most coaching dating sites. If you want to meet women who are top-notch, you have to be able to read the subtle signs she gives.

Guys who want to take things further in their relationships are more likely to succeed if they understand how the woman feels when she’s at her most attractive state. It would be best if you watched for these subtle visual cues she gives and be able to communicate with her effectively. Not only will you look like a confident man, but you will also know if you are going down the right path with her.

Once a woman is attracted to you and willing to invest time in you, she will tell you precisely what she needs from you to win her over. But, you have to listen for this literal verbal roadmap to heart and mind.

Meet High Quality Women

3. Experience the pleasure of meeting a high-quality woman

The chance of meeting a high-quality woman increases when the opportunity presents itself, and you act on it. It’s everywhere, in random places and situations. These happen at social events, sporting events, coffee shops, house parties, cooking classes, and even while grocery shopping. This is the real life happening around you every day. You have to be able to notice the signals if you want to meet people.

You need to recognize these opportunities and approach women you believe are high quality to increase your chances of meeting the right women. This includes the rule of 7 and the right way to meet women.

I’ll cover some of this more in-depth when we get to the locations. The woman you are seeking is just a short conversation away–you have to give yourself the chance to meet her!

Think about all of the people in the world—over 7.9 billion. About 3.85 billion are female. Now, how many single available women do you know? 3, 10, 50? That does not even scratch the surface of all the women in the world. 7% of the world’s female population is between 25 and 29. That’s over 269 million just in that four-year age group.

The point is that these high-quality women don’t even know you exist! You have to go out there and meet them to create a connection to take things to the next level. You can’t sit at home on an online dating site and expect a hot girl to knock on your door. To meet single women, you have to take action.

A high-quality woman is not that hard to find, but it takes an average of seven approaches to get reasonably good at approaching. You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and fail to get the best chance possible.

Guys who’ve found success with women usually give themselves that chance. In most cases, guys you see who’s found success with women have done it consciously, intentionally, and with authenticity. I’m one of those guys, and you can be one if you are dedicating time to improving yourself.

I have failed, crashed and burned, and looked foolish learning to approach women. But, today, I don’t have to try very hard to meet women. I can stand in a line doing nothing, and I have women coming to me. Like most confident men, it is in the subtle cues I send out with my body language. This can be you and your story if you are willing to take the chance.

Attract More Women

Working Less AND Attracting More High-Quality Women

It’s no secret that many men are looking for a way to work less and date more women. In fact, that is why I’m writing this. The good news is that it is possible to have an abundance of your ideal women – if you know where to look. And, fortunately, you don’t have to work as hard as you might think to find them.

Knowing where your “ideal women” hang out in abundance is key. Once you identify these places, all you need to do is go there and meet them. Some of the women you meet will become interested while others will not. However, you’ll eventually land a few beauties with patience and perseverance.

Now, let me ask you something: what kind of women are you attracted to? Are they smart? Athletic? Intellectual? a Free spirit? Yes, I know I said to make a list and not concentrate on this. But, we do have to account for the attraction factor.

If all you are going after is the physical side, you are wasting your time. If all you are going after is the non-physical side, you are wasting your time.

You have to be specific about the women you want to meet. If you are going after the hot-looking girl at a nightclub, you could end up with someone who is only attracted to superficial traits like a particular brand of clothing, fitness level, or car you drive—a complete waste of your time.

If you are going after the non-physical traits, you end up spinning your wheels trying to figure out where the physically cute ones your attracted to are.

You keep getting close, but what you’re looking for and the traits don’t match. Your frustration level rises.

Knowing what you are looking for, both physically and non-physically, will help you determine where to focus your time and energy.

For example, if you’re a skinny tech guy who likes fit women, going to a targeted academic event about fitness equipment design would be better than going to a general fitness expo.

Now that we’ve covered some basics lets get down to business! Here are four top general places to meet single women:

  1. Parks near urban areas
  2. Grocery stores and supermarkets
  3. Physical Activities
  4. Intellectual events

I’ll be breaking these down even further. First, we have a few more points to cover. Keep those four areas in mind because they will help in this next section.

Expand Your Social Circle Naturally

Organically Expanding Your Social Circle Is A Must – Natural Speed Dating Events

In order to date high-quality women, you have to expand your social circle organically. This means that you cannot rely on just meeting new women through online dating sites or apps. Those tools are not replacements for meeting single women face to face in their natural environment and doing what they like to do. Ah, those four-general places I just mentioned come into play.

Most guys don’t want to make this effort and mistakenly believe that success in the approach or the first date will lead to genuine sexual interest from women. Still, it doesn’t work that way – for everyone, maybe in a hook-up scenario but not in something long-term. You are also hitting that rule of 7 for any sexual or romantic interest.

Expanding your social circle has to be a foundational element in order to succeed in dating. Your expanded social circle is like your own speed dating event. Expanding your social circle makes women aware of you. The more niche you are, the more women will take an interest in you; they are curious as to what makes you different and if you could possibly fit into their lives.

When you go where the type of woman you want hangs out, you become a known and familiar face. When you become familiar, they feel less threatened. They feel less threatened, and they are more approachable. Now another small percentage of 3.85 billion women know you exist.

Social Circle Dating

Your Social Life Should Complement Your Dating Life

It can be easy to get wrapped up in work or studies and ignore your social life. Those are important! You have to earn a living and better yourself. However, don’t forget that having relationships contributes significantly to our happiness. Happiness leads to success at work and school. Happiness also helps to meet single women. So, why not make your dating life an extension of your social life?

There are lots of ways to do this. For example, if you are looking for a more intellectual woman, you could join an activity at a local university. At the very least, you make more friends who then introduce you to another group, and through association, it’ll be easier to start conversations with potential partners.

This is much easier than online dating sites or dating events where you do not have a trusted introduction through association.

Another way to meet new people is through physical activities. These are more for those looking for a more fit or athletic woman. Doing this will help you meet tons of new people who share similar interests.

I’m speaking in generalities. I’m not saying that an intellectual woman cannot be fit or athletic. Personally, I prefer a woman who is both. However, I find those women through more physical activities than intellectual ones.

Bad Places To Meet Women

The Truth About The Best Places to Meet Women

Places That Are Good In Theory But Horrible In Practice

Over the past 25 years, I tried out a lot of places to meet women, and most of the places you hear about are terrible. I spent my first five years mostly in nightclubs because that is where we were told to meet women. I met a few but also wasted a lot of time.

Some of the advice, I believe, is made up by people who have never actually tried the places they speak about and are just trying to make a name for themselves. Some may have tried it once and were successful in meeting attractive women. Then, believing they had a legitimate reason, went on to say it works every time.

For example, the gym is not great for meeting new people because the attendees leave immediately or don’t have time to talk afterward. Trying to speak to a woman in a gym be seen as creepy and less friendly than other places to meet women. Girls at a gym typically focus on their workouts while listening to music with earbuds, making it even harder to talk to them.

Success at meeting a girl in the gym only comes once you’ve been going there for a long time (over a year), and you are highly social and well known in that environment. That is also hard to do in some more mainstream national brand gyms. These large chains have rules and policies that make it near impossible to approach numerous women without being asked to leave.

Public venues like malls and bookstores are given as advice by almost everyone; unfortunately, this is not always the best option. “Generalized public venues” like a mall, bookstore, or library are not the best place to meet high-quality women.

Malls can be crowded, and high-quality people do not just hang out in the mall. They go in, get what they are looking for, and get out. Trying to meet a woman at a mall can be like speed dating events on crack.

Book stores and libraries are not places that are conducive to conversations. And, unless you and the woman you are looking for are avid readers, your likelihood of success is extremely low. I have had success at book stores, but they are one-off encounters.

Meeting someone at a book store or library is tough. It’s good for learning how to approach and think on your feet. It’s not suitable as a sustained venue with regular and consistent visitors.

Shyness Or Location

Is It Just Your Shyness Around Attractive Women Or The Location?

There are a lot of places to meet single women, but sometimes it can be tough to know if the venue is the problem or if it’s just your shyness holding you back.

In any setting, a woman can be attracted to a man. However, there are locations that can make it harder than others to meet a woman. One such place would be a restaurant. You would not walk up to a woman sitting with three other people eating a meal and try to strike up a conversation. That would be weird.

Other locations help in interactions between people. The place is either geared for social activity or forces social activity by its very nature. Night clubs, by their nature, are highly social venues. A college course forces social activity by grouping people to work on a semester project.

If you go to a location and don’t talk to anyone unless they strike up a conversation first, the place is not the problem. It’s you who is the problem—in some locations, you have to come outside of your comfort zone to meet people. You have to be able to think quickly and take action. You can’t sit there and muddle around, waiting for the perfect time. The ideal time will never happen.

Another thing to consider about the location is that more men in the area increase the amount of competition. You have to go more niche and become more proactive to gain women’s attention. Where women outnumber men, you have to become more focused and selective.

How To Attract and Connect

Know How To Attract And Connect

When you meet a high-quality woman, she needs to feel attracted and connected to you. You can fake this, which will end badly for you and destroy all your work. You have also burned the location. Or, you can do this authentically and reap the rewards beyond your wildest dreams. I explain how to do this in each venue below.

I mentioned going niche. This has to do with your sense of style and how you present yourself. Women overwhelmingly prefer a man who dresses in a classic style. Add your own little twist to this style, and you are now niche. You can get a sense of what the classic style is from the women themselves in this Cosmo article and this Esquire article.

Dress in the way that casts the widest net. Give the 3.85 billion women of the world what they want. Then add your twist to niche down to target the women you want to attract. From there, you just need to pay attention and watch for the subtle cues women give to say, “C’mere, talk to me.”

Next is your body language. How you walk and carry yourself. You need to send the message you are open, positive, and confident.

Everything mentioned is about your perceived value to the woman you are interested in. A high-quality woman will not invest time into a perceived low-quality man. Value goes up when you pay attention to small details, when you fit the norm but do not follow the crowd. And, you haven’t even talked to her yet.

The next part is about communication. How you approach, what you say, and how you say it. Being present in the moment. Your eye contact. You are listening to what she says and giving feedback. What you say and your body language signals match.

All of this creates a connection and shows you are engaged with learning who she is. In those moments, you treat her as VI-VIP. A Very Important Very Individual Person.

The attraction becomes a connection. The connection becomes a meaningful experience. The experience is linked to an emotion that leads to that sexual and romantic interest mentioned earlier.

If you don’t know how to do this or have problems, you may want to check out the courses we offer. Learn how to send and read body language signals that increase attraction. We also show you how to use your voice to build attraction and connection.

Opportunity To Meet Women

Give yourself the opportunity to meet high-quality women

The third part of this is giving yourself the chance to meet the women you want to meet. It is very frustrating when I coach someone in building attraction and connection, then the situation develops but the person doesn’t do anything with that opportunity.

The guy lets the opportunity pass by because they were either too scared, too shy, or too in their head to do something. Then I get to hear them beat themselves up and make excuses why they let the woman slip away. Even more frustrating is it becomes more her fault than his.

Most guys want to meet girls who are seen as beautiful. These same guys believe that the more beautiful the woman is, she must be dating someone.

The truth is this; not every high-quality woman is taken. In reality, many of them are single and looking to connect with someone, especially in this post-pandemic era. The women are just not seeing any guys worth connecting to that are perceived as high-quality guys.

If you do all of the work and then do nothing with the opportunity when it presents itself, you are killing your chances of a truly remarkable experience of dating amazing women. Give yourself and her the possibility. Take action.

Now let’s start getting into what this article is all about.

What Is A High Quality Woman

What is a high-quality woman?

I get this question a lot. The traits I am looking for define a high-quality woman as I see them. These traits help me narrow my focus and not just accept the first pretty face that catches my attention.

My Definition of High-Quality:

  • Relationships: The value of a person goes beyond that one person. This is something we cover in-depth in our Elite Course. When a high-quality woman knows and trusts you, she will introduce you to other high-quality people (expanding my social circle). This is also referred to as The Law of Association.
  • Experience: You need to open your mind and look beyond the person in front of you. I am talking about getting to know the woman on a deep level (connection). When you do this, she will introduce you to things you have not done and places you have not been.
  • Intelligence: Ever met a 27-year-old woman who had a double master’s? You probably have but never knew it. Your relationship with her never got that far or deep (romantic and sexual interest). A high-quality woman can teach and show you things that can enhance your life to heights you never thought possible.

Before we get too far, I want you to keep the following in mind.

  1. Even though I am a podcast host, been on national television, in magazines, and in other such media, people do not regularly recognize me on the street. If someone does remember me, they don’t say anything. When I was looking at my success in meeting a high-quality woman, it primarily comes from timing and location, communication, and physical attraction. I will cover the first in this article. I’ll touch on the second, but those last two are covered in-depth in our courses.
  2. I live in South West Louisiana. I have lived or visited all over the place, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Greenbay, Seattle, Philidelphia, Miami, London, Soul, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Paris, and Victoria, B.C., to name a few. In some of these places, people gladly pay more just for the experience of being in that particular location and possibly the hopes of meeting that ‘hot’ woman.
  3. I’m physically nothing special. I’m a 5’6″ average build guy. Dusty blonde hair with blue/green eyes. I keep myself in shape as much as my list of injuries will allow. I only mention this because I sometimes get approached without doing or saying anything when coaching. And these men start to list excuses as to why they fail. These women who come to me know nothing about me. You don’t have to do or be anything special to use anything I mention in this article. You don’t need money, fancy clothes, or a specific job title to meet or date high-quality women.
  4. I have not been on a dating app or online dating site in four years. The location I live in has a comparatively small population when looking at the nearest cities with over 100,000 people. Online dating for my area just does not offer a wide selection of the women I am looking for.
  5. I’m not looking. At the time of this article, I’m not single. I’m in a relationship with a mind-blowing high-quality woman. Even though I am in a relationship, I still go to the mentioned locations. I’m not going to these locations to find anyone; most of these locations are simply part of my daily routine.

I have to mention one thing before getting into the locations part of this article. Don’t be desperate or go to these locations with an agenda.

Walking into a location, or anywhere for that matter, with an agenda or being desperate will repel people. You want to enter a place as if you belong there. Like anything, and everything worth having will simply come to you. Be composed, calm, and selective. High-quality attracts high-quality. We show you how to do this in our advantage and Elite courses.

Walking into a venue desperate and horny while carrying yourself like a ferret wired on a double cappuccino will repel the very women you are looking to attract.

Now that we have established the bases and some ground rules, I will give you a list of places and what to do while you are there to meet women. I’m also going to explain what makes the women who frequent these places high-quality.

Places To Meet Women

Where To Meet High-Quality Women

1. Whole Foods

Listen to the Girls Ask Guys Show podcast for any length of time, and you will hear me say repeatedly it. I meet women at the grocery store. I stop in almost every day because I only shop for enough supplies for one or two days. It gets me out of the house, I have fresh ingredients for meals, and I repeatedly meet women.

Whole Foods currently has locations in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. The Amazon chain of stores has plans to keep expanding into other markets. If you don’t have a Whole Foods Market, find somewhere very similar.

When I first started going to Whole Foods, I was of the mindset that Whole Foods actually meant “Whole Paycheck” because of the prices. Before I began to meet the number of women who regularly shopped there, these women are into eating healthy and living a “clean” lifestyle, which is a plus if you are looking for a woman who takes care of herself and not wanting massive medical bills later in life.

As you hear in the show, I ask questions. People like to share things they know. So, I ask women lots of questions.

Are those chips any good? What is ‘clean eating’? What makes organic better?

I meet many beautiful, healthy, intelligent women who answer my questions and share information. I learned so much that I made adjustments in my eating and lifestyle. Those adjustments made me even more attractive to the women I want to meet and date. Whole Foods became an investment instead of an expense.

Why is Whole Foods a Great Place To Meet Women?

First, this is much like a gym; it’s a place people frequently visit. Everyone has to eat, but everyone doesn’t go to a gym. Those who are into living a clean life, eating organic, and looking their best do not dare buy inferior products from inferior stores. You may not be disciplined about shopping for groceries as you are about going to the gym, but if you go often enough, you will start to see familiar faces. Those familiar faces will begin to recognize you as well. You now have a wide net that is cast. All you need to do is narrow down the number of women in the net.

The thing to remember is that the entire store is open to you. Every aisle and checkout are places where people stop and browse. Your dream woman could be right there waiting for you to talk to her. Every aisle is like a separate dating website. The girl-guy ratio leans more to women than men. Even though there are men who shop here, you will find more women present.

Just remember to follow the rule of seven. Either approach and speak to the woman or keep moving. Don’t be the creepy dude that always stares and follows women around the store. Management doesn’t want to hear that women shoppers feel uncomfortable because of some weird dude following them around.

Why are high-quality women at Whole Foods?

In general, women care more about eating right than men. Just look around your work break area. The women are generally eating something healthy they brought from home. Guys are raiding the soda, chips, and candy vending machines.

Women, in general, care about only putting the best in their bodies, and if it costs more to do so, that’s the price they are willing to pay. When you go to a Whole Foods Market, you will also see a “regular” brand store within walking distance. This means every person who enters Whole Foods chooses to pay more for higher quality items.

As I mentioned earlier, people will pay more for higher-quality or what is perceived as higher-quality. And these people are usually higher-quality people.

Now you have a basis on the types of women who frequent Whole Foods. These women take care of their bodies. You can also reasonably assume they take care of their bodies in other ways as well. Such as some type of regular fitness routine. If you talk to them, you may learn that they have some type of information that can lead to a thought-provoking conversation. I can bet my life savings on this if you can get that far into the conversation. For that, you need to know how to transition from the approach and into a conversation.

How Do You Meet A Woman At Whole Foods?

In the Pick-Up Artist world, this would be referred to as Day Game. If you are a follower of Pick-Up, forget that nonsense. Speaking from experience, very little of that stuff works long-term. What I am sharing here works regardless of your location or time of day. It is slower, but it is stable and consistent.

  • Visit Regularly. Get familiar with the store layout. Have a general idea of what you will get when you walk in (a purpose for being there). Buy something! Don’t just wander around and walk out. Becoming a regular has more positives than just popping in once every few months. You will start to feel better with the healthier food choices and become a familiar face to the regular women who shop there. The more you are familiar with the store, the more comfortable you will feel. Then you can start to pay attention to other things going on around you. Did you notice the cute woman down aisle five who just glanced and smiled at you?

  • Don’t stare or follow. This is a perpetual rule no matter where you are. No woman likes the creepy dude who always stares and never approaches. Again, this is the rule of 7; follow it. If you want to talk to her, go talk to her. If you are not sure she is interested, talk to her anyway to find out. Or, keep moving and beat yourself up later. Do something, anything, other than leering. If you just keep glancing and staring, you will lose credibility and status and creep her out. The guy who stares but never approaches obviously doesn’t have the confidence or balls to talk to her. Never, ever, just follow a woman around the store. At a minimum, you can get asked to leave by management. You could be banned from ever coming back. At the worst, you could be arrested under a local stalking law.

  • You will know if she’s interested. That is, if you are paying attention. In my experience, most guys are oblivious to the signals women give. Interested women do not provide super-obvious ‘come to me now’ signs. They will likely give a faint smile with slight eye contact or a glance that tells you what she wants. You miss these signals, and you will spend time talking to a woman who is not interested and ignoring those who are. Quite possibly both. To pick up on these, you need to use your senses. You need to use your eyes and ears and be alert to what is happening around you. That means taking the fancy earbuds out of your ears and taking off the “I’m as cool as ice cream” shades. Notice all of the women around you.

  • Dress your personality. This is something I say over and over again. How you dress says more about yourself to another person before they ever meet you. This doesn’t mean going out and buying a new wardrobe just to do some grocery shopping. If you are a t-shirt and jeans guy, wear a t-shirt and jeans. If you are a suit and tie guy, wear that. If you’re a gym nut, wear your gym clothes. Just make sure the clothes fit you properly. Quality attracts quality. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean having a name-brand plastered all over your body. The point here is that if you can set up a date, how she met, you weren’t a one-time thing. She won’t get a surprise the next time she sees you.
Meet Women At Yoga Class and Pilates

2. Yoga Classes and Pilates

Let me ask you this; have you ever heard of these names?

Adam Levine, David Beckham, Russell Brand, Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Timberlake, Chris Hemsworth, Sting, Colin Farrell, Lebron James, Woody Harrelson, Orlando Bloom, Russel Simmons.

They all take Pilates and/or yoga classes. The last one told Oprah Winfrey in an interview on “Super Soul Sunday” that he started yoga to flirt with women. The original interview is no longer available anywhere. Oprah took it down because of allegations against Simmons. However, he is the most famous person openly admitting why he started taking yoga and Pilates.

Just look at the list of famous women taking these classes.

Jessica Biel, Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Tisdale, Kate Hudson, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Wilde, Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria, Madonna, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bündchen, Kim Kardashian, Hilary Duff, Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Shenae Grimes.

As a guy, I’m sure you could find at least one or two names in that list you wouldn’t mind being next to in a class. If I’m being honest, I can name several. Even with all the famous men’s names, the girl-guy ratio is still heavily female-oriented in the classes. Which means less competition for you.

Now I’ve been in martial arts almost my entire life. I’ve also taken and taught gymnastics and parkour. I’ve stepped away a little from those because of a series of unrelated injuries. However, yoga and Pilates help keep me in shape and are low impact. I’m not going to get into the difference between these two workouts. Just know they are different, and you will get a maximum benefit by going to both. If you want to get in better shape rather than flexibility, I recommend Pilates.

I’m going to cut here for a minute and talk about quality again. You want a quality class that costs a little more than the cut-rate classes. Why? Because the classes that charge more for better service attract higher quality people. It’s that simple.

People who pay more for certain things are treated differently, and the people who you meet in a higher-priced option will treat you as someone who understands the value of quality items and service.

Think of it this way. You go to a Mcdonald’s and order a $5 value burger. Does the burger look anything like the photo on the menu? How’s the taste? Does it look like it was cooked and put together with care, or just thrown together?

Now compare that to a burger that costs $85: fresh meat, organic, locally sourced ingredients. The ketchup and bun are made fresh daily with natural ingredients. It’s served hot with a smile on a clean plate and looks photograph ready.

What would a person seeking quality go for? A mass-produced $5 value served in a paper wrapper or higher quality that is more flavorful? They choose quality and are willing to pay for it every time. This may seem like a foreign concept, but it holds true every single day.

People who choose to pay more for quality are different types of people. They will voluntarily pay more if the perceived value meets their expectations. When you frequent those places and choose those products, you will be treated as a person who understands the value of high-quality things. This is the element of people from which you want to select the women you want to meet and date.

There was a gym I used to belong to that was destroyed during our last round of hurricanes. The membership was eye-popping high at $150 a month. It was well worth the cost, though, as it was always clean. The staff was always being sent to training courses to increase their knowledge. The equipment was maintained and replaced when worn out. The locker rooms and showers were immaculate with clean and plush towels. Even the soap was something special. It wasn’t that cheap mini-bar you usually find at a budget hotel. If you liked it, you could buy it at the front counter.

The women that came to this gym were as friendly and good-looking as the gym sounds.

The gym itself had two large rooms for classes. Four instructors rotated in and out due to their training schedules. These instructors were top-notch. They were highly knowledgeable in fitness, nutrition, and customer service. The classes were great, and great courses with a well-maintained gym brought in beautiful and shapely quality women.

You might be thinking I’m a price snob, or it’s all about the money. If that is the case, you have missed my point. The main point is to put you in a location where the highest caliber of women chooses to go.

Think of it like this: what type of woman would you meet in a dive bar where the beer is flat, warm, served in a plastic cup, and costs a dollar. Versus, women in a members-only club where a beer costs five dollars is served cold with a proper head and in a stein mug.

It’s two totally different demographics of people. It’s not about money; it’s about demographics.

Why Pilates And Yoga Is A Good Place To Meet Women:

Women who take Pilates and yoga are fit and healthy or trying to be. They are also flexible or getting more flexible. For myself, a regular ten-minute session of yoga helped me recover from an injury faster than an hour-long appointment with a physical therapist. Yoga shaved three months off my recovery time.

The women in yoga and Pilates classes are happy. It is proven that regular exercise reduces stress, helps in deeper sleep, and promotes positive feelings.

People who care about their bodies and regularly exercise tend to be not only more physically attractive, but also more successful in life. But, we are talking about how to meet single women.

There is also a shared experience among the class members, especially the regulars. A lot of the members will leave right after class. But, small groups of people will get together and go for lunch or hang out afterward. You have to pay attention, watch, and be sociable.

How To Meet Women in Pilates and Yoga Class:

First, you need to take your time and become a regular. Give yourself a few weeks to become a familiar face in the class. You want this to be casual and low-pressure. Have a few short informal conversations before making any moves.

  • Consistently how up to the same classes. The more familiar a person is, the more comfortable those around them become. Become a non-threatening presence by showing up at the same time, on the same day, for the same class.

  • Learn. Show that you are taking the class for the actual class. Learn about the equipment, the phrases used, and the positions/movements. Show that you are not some creepy guy who wants to ogle the women, which is my next point.

  • Don’t ogle women in the class. The women are not going anywhere. Don’t be the weird guy who just stares at the women. You can get asked to leave, thrown out, or arrested. If you have something to say to a woman, talk to her. Don’t be the weirdo who always stares but never says anything.

  • Show up before class and hang around after class. This should be a no-brainer. Before and after class is where all the interactions and conversations take place. The people who really like the class and have developed friendships will get there early and hang out afterward. They talk to the people they have become familiar with. If you follow the points laid out here, you can become one of these known people.
How To Meet Women At Dog Parks

3&4. Dog Parks & Equestrian Stables

Dog parks and equestrian stables are featured in several television shows and movies. Boy meets girl while at a dog park, boy meets girl at a horse stable.

Dog parks and horse stables are relaxing places to go when the weather is cooperating and pleasant. You will find that the girl-guy ratio here will be evenly split. That shouldn’t be a real surprise.

Dog Parks:

The only criteria for a dog park are that you, of course, have a dog. Stalking a dog park without a dog and approaching women is not recommended. It’s creepy and weird.

Why the Dog Park?

Right off the top, let’s see why taking a picture with a dog works in dating apps. Having a dog sends the message that you have stability in your life. You have a level of discipline to care for something other than yourself. When you take your dog to a park, you show more compassion than just taking the dog for a walk. And much more heart than just letting the dog out into the yard.

In a big city, it’s a considerable step above letting the dog out on the balcony and washing the ‘business’ off to sidewalks below. It happens a lot in the cities I’ve been to, like Chicago, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston.

According to statistics, there are about 69 million people in the United States who are dog owners with at least one dog. However, not every dog owner or dog walker goes to a dog park. So, the question becomes: Which ones do?

  • These dog owners see the value in dedicating their time to letting their dogs have fun and play with other dogs. The dog is not subject to the schedule or whim of the owner. These people care enough to do something that only benefits the dog. People who keep a dog chained or pinned up in the backyard or locked in their own home don’t do this.

  • People who travel to an actual dog park or live close to one. When I was growing up, dog parks didn’t exist. They started in Berkley, California, in 1979. A few big cities built them in the 80s and 90s; they took off across the U.S. in the 2000s. Before that, we called them back yards. Or, people would have dog clubs where they meet up at another house or some business parking lot. Dog parks are usually in a location in quality areas of the city or suburbs. Coincidently, quality areas typically have a population of quality people nearby.

Like everywhere else, she has her dog at the park, and you have your dog at the park. You have something in common.

Meeting Women At Dog Parks:

You’re there. She’s there, and so are our four-legged friends. Now what?

  • Go regularly. Visiting a dog park is not a routine like a class. You won’t become a known face to a stable regular group of people. You want to show up regularly to maximize the chances of meeting people who bring their dogs to the park. Go often enough and you will start to see some familiar faces.
  • Bonus if you can talk about more than just your dogs. Sure, you have something in common, but so are the organic chips at Whole Foods. I’m not opening with, “So, how about that sea-salt flavor on those chips?” No, I never opened with that. Talking about something other than the obvious gives a glimpse into your observation, thinking, and conversation skills. It shows confidence to go for something that is not low-hanging fruit. If you listen to the Girls Ask Guys Show podcast or take one of our courses, you will develop your observation and conversational skills beyond observable basics. You will develop that “wow” factor.
How To Meet Women

Equestrian Stables:

Don’t have a dog, how about horseback riding? 3.5 million people own a horse in the United States. Horses are expensive to own. The cost is around $2,500 to $4,000 per month to own just one horse properly. Most horse owners have about 3-6 horses.

Not all horse owners stable their own horses. Some owners stable them at a remote location who cares for the horses. Some owners allow the stables to use the horses for training people to ride or take the horse out on trails for a few hours. The price per lesson or ride then goes back to the cost of caring for the horse. This benefits the stable, owner, and horse.

I took up learning how to ride out of curiosity. One day in a dance class I was taking, we learned some country dances, and a few of the women went nuts. I learned that two of them were avid horse riders, and one competed in rodeos. Viola, let’s look into horse riding.

I found a stable about 45 minutes from where I lived and looked into lessons. It costs about $60 an hour for the classes. At first, I was almost comical in my riding skills, and my horse, ‘Blazer,’ did what she wanted. Eventually, I got better, and ‘Blazer’ accepted my directions. I also stopped messing up the difference between riding equipment such as an English and Western rein.

While you can just go out for a leisurely ride, riding is an exercise. You will use your entire body and muscle groups you didn’t know existed. It’s no wonder why the women who regularly ride are in great shape.

The people who own and care for horses tend to be passionate about riding and getting to know the personality of each horse they encounter. If you are not into experiencing an 1100-pound animal up close and in a personal manner, this isn’t for you.

Meeting Women At Equestrian Stables:

You’re in a stable looking at this horse staring back at you. What’s your move?

Like any new activity you choose, you need to become regular before doing anything else. Everything needs to be casual and low-pressure. Don’t go in like you know everything or you are some smooth talker. You will end up looking foolish, and people will avoid you. Not to mention you will get low-quality instruction in order to get rid of you as fast as possible. Here’s what you do:

  • Consistently how up. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is the number one rule of meeting someone. Become a familiar, non-threatening person to them.
  • Learn everything. An equestrian life has a lot of different terminology for everything. There are different riding styles, different saddle types, and different types of horse reins. Be the guy who shows a genuine interest in learning how to ride.
  • Don’t stare at the women. Yep, we are back to not being the creepy guy. Know that there are lots of men and women who regularly ride. So, there will be competition and overly protective men around. Follow the first point, and you will reduce the likelihood of dealing with this. Expect to see most of the women wearing form-fitting clothes. Here’s a tip, wear pants with the main seam on the outside of the leg. You will thank me later for this tip.
  • Don’t be creepy. Don’t be the dude who makes jokes and sexualized hints. Don’t be the guy who follows women around for no reason other than to chat her up. I’ve seen this happen, and the results are not good. Follow the above three points to stay out of fights and trouble.
  • Show up early and stay late. After a couple of classes, show up early and then offer to stay late and help out. There is lots of work around a stable. You can help prep the horses for the class and bathe, brush, and feed them after. For myself, once the work was done, I started to get invites to hang out with the instructors and stable hands for drinks afterward. A few weeks later, they stopped charging for the classes and I was introduced to a beautiful woman who owned ‘Blazer’ and several other horses. Dating her was awesome.
Meet Girls Running

5&6. Run Clubs & Dance Classes

This is not going to be much different from the yoga class and Pilates.

Run Clubs:

Personally, I do not belong to a run club anymore. I did belong to a local run club for a while when I worked for the Sheriff’s Office. There were a few reasons that I stopped going.

The first reason is my injuries to my ankles, knees, and hips from being in the military. Long marches with heavy packs and equipment up and down mountain ranges take a toll. I would ache for several hours after a run.

The second reason was the club started to go in a different direction. When I first joined, the club had different groups you could choose from. There were jogger, runner, and sprinter groups who did different distances. You could select a group and do something between a mile and 10k.

The club then started changing to marathon only. The club got smaller, and members stopped showing up, including myself. I’m not, nor am I interested in, running a marathon.

What I do know is this. There were lots of good-looking, healthy, fit women who belonged to that club. After showing up consistently and sticking to a group for a while, I would end up running alongside an attractive woman carrying on a conversation. After the run, we would hang out at the meeting place, drinking a sports drink and talking for hours. That would lead to dates or getting introduced to even more women, which led to more dating.

The girl-guy ratio is about even in run clubs. So, expect a little competition here.

Cute Women In Dance Class

Dance Classes:

I never really thought about dance classes until I met a girl who was into dancing. When we went out on the club floor, I looked like an idiot trying to keep up with her moves.

She showed me some basic dance moves in my living room and explained that dancing is a vertical expression of horizontal desire (her words, not mine). It made sense but didn’t help me a whole lot in dancing any better. So, I looked up dance classes.

Once I showed up, I could clearly see why anyone seeking a person of the opposite sex would keep showing up.

The music starts, and the good vibes with enhanced energy begin. That energy and vibe are then associated with the people around you. Then the movement of the dance increases your breath and heart rate.

Oh, and it’s a great way to exercise.

Why wouldn’t you want to keep coming back? Unless you don’t like to dance.

Here’s something to keep in mind. Look for a place that has classes for adults.

This is just an observation I made, but it may be worth keeping in mind. While looking into different dance schools, most taught kid classes. Most classes were broken into age groups and filled with little girls. As the classes got older, there were boys in the classes. So, the girls started first, and the boys followed later on.

So, who do you think fills all of these adult classes when the boys start breaking away to do more “manly” sports? Answer: women.

I found a great class through a continuing education program at the local university. Most of the women in the class were excited to see a guy show up. The girl-guy ratio leans heavily towards the women depending on the type of dance you select. I took a class that taught a variety of dances. Classes were not easy to find where I live. Most major cities should have a better selection.

To build upon what I already said in the yoga and Pilates classes, running and dancing are physical activities. A woman consistently attending these classes is probably taking care of herself in several different ways outside of these activities. A single glance around, and you will see that it shows.

How To Meet Women At Dance Class:

  • Just as the first step in the yoga and Pilates class: Be consistent and show up to class on a regular basis.
  • Pay attention to what the instructor is teaching. Show that you are there to learn how to dance.
  • Listen to the tips and develop skills in the movements. This should happen naturally if you are doing the first two points.
  • Be professional when working with a female partner. Don’t get into your head and be scared about pulling and holding her close to you. She is there to learn, just like you’re supposed to be. If you get afraid or nervous every time you have to move your hips next to her, you will become an undesirable dance partner.
  • Establish yourself as a regular. Practice on your own and add your little flare to the moves. Do this BEFORE you make any moves towards the woman of your choice. The only exception is if she initiates (spoken or unspoken) first.
Meet Intelligent Girls

7. Intellectual Classes

There really isn’t anything like meeting an intellectual woman. She’s a deep thinker and enjoys working out ideas that most people believe are too complex to attempt. Simply thinking about these concepts or problems can give people a headache. Taking an intellectual class is much better than going to book clubs.

I’ve taken more than a few college courses in critical thinking. Some I had fun with because I was interested in the subject. Others I hated because it seemed we just went around in circles with no real answers or guidance as to what we were supposed to accomplish.

The thing about intellectual classes is that they are generally found at a university. They are not certified, and there are no college credits. They are “mini-courses” that are taught as add-ons to credited courses but are outside the scope of the regular course curriculum.

If you are looking for a woman who can challenge your thinking and views of the world. Then the intellectual woman is right up your ally.

The girl-guy ratio leans towards the guys here. However, if you follow what I say here, you will outclass the competition.

Why Are Intellectual Classes A Great Place To Meet Women?

The most obvious reason is that everyone is there for the same thing, to learn something. You had better show up ready to learn and not just meet women. You will get found out, and you will waste your time and money. You will leave with no new knowledge, empty pockets, and no women.

If you show up and dress your personality with a bit of niche added in, you will turn some heads in your direction. Most of your work will be done for you as soon as you take a seat in the middle of the room.

The less apparent reason is that projects or papers usually require either a partner or group. With a little effort and class participation, you can get people asking for your input or help in understanding the material.

Even better than this are the groups after the class. Debates sometimes fire up during class, and groups form after class. The majority of the time, the sides agree to disagree. Then everyone has a few drinks and socializes.

I met a fantastic woman in one of these classes. We were on different sides of the topic, and we started debating right there in class. The professor ended it, but we carried it on after class. She had her group; I had mine. We debated from the classroom to the parking lot, then carried on while getting a table at the bar down the street.

Our debate got a little heated, but we kept most of it calm and civil. She saw my point; I saw hers. There was only one area we both would not budge on. While we agreed to see each other’s point of view on most points, that single point was the part we simply could not agree upon.

We did, however, learn how to see the world from another person’s point of view. Through dating her for several months, I learned a lot about how others see the world around them. While I didn’t necessarily agree with the point of view, I had an understanding of it.

Why Are High-Quality Women Taking Intellectual Classes?

The best answer I can give is that they want to learn and grow. These women want to challenge themselves and increase their knowledge on a given topic.

Some are there who have something to prove. But, most are there to learn to speak confidently and thoroughly on a topic.

How Do You Meet A Woman In An Intellectual Class?

Meeting a woman in a class should require zero thinking. Show up to class, be ready to learn, and participate in the class. But, just in case, I’m going to hit some highlights that make this almost too easy.

  • Show Up. You paid for the class. You might as well get something out of it. Why pay for something and then not show up or not use it? It would be like going to a coffee shop, buying a coffee, and then throwing it away without even tasting it.
  • Learn and Participate. If you’re just going to doodle sketch and not participate in the class, it will get noticed—any high-quality woman who did notice you will not want anything to do with you. You have to learn the material and participate. If you are trying and struggling, she may at least be willing to help you out. But only if she sees you are putting forth an effort. She may accept your help if she’s struggling, but she has to see you are there to learn, not meet women.
  • Listen To What She Says. When questions are asked to the class, listen to her answers. If you agree or don’t agree, you can ask her why or how she came to her response. You can also approach her after class and ask her to explain her point a little more. Don’t debate her just because you can. Show her you are trying to understand her points of view.
  • Become A Critical Thinker. If you can catch her interest, you better be ready to be challenged. An intellectual woman will be able to run circles around your thought process if you are not prepared for it. The worst part is, you won’t even know how she did it. Eventually, she will lose interest in you because you can’t keep up with her mentally. She’s going to want original thoughts and new challenging points of view. Not something you memorized from a book she has already read.

And now you have six places, with a bonus seventh place to meet high-quality women that most men are missing. No dating site is necessary. You are now surrounded by real women with a real opportunity with only two challenges before you. Talking to and establishing a relationship with all the women you see and meet. If you are having problems check out our selection of courses.

How To Meet Hot Girls

You Don’t Know These Girls: How to Meet Single Women (short version)

There is a process to approaching girls, and it’s important to remember that the type of approach you use can lead to opportunities you never thought possible.

The first thing I want to point out is you want to make sure the venue you are in makes it socially acceptable to approach girls. Don’t chat up a girl while a church service is going on. Seriously, put some thought into where you are.

Second, take time to practice. It seems weird, but I highly recommend practicing in front of a mirror with an audio recorder at home. Pay attention to your smile and your body language, then play back what you said. Listen to your tone, pitch, and cadence. Work on everything until you are satisfied.

With today’s phones having video, I would suggest video recording, so you see and hear everything from her point of view.

Even with all this practice, success will not happen automatically. I said earlier it takes about seven approaches to get reasonably good. I practiced every day for a week before I made my first approach. I still crashed and burned, and it hurt. My ego was shattered, and I nearly convinced myself everything I was working on was crap. I was destined to be alone or with someone who only pitied me.

If you want success, it is going to take time, patience, and perseverance to attract, meet and date high-quality women.

When approaching a woman, flip the script in your head. Instead of thinking, “Man, I hope she likes me,” flip it. Think to yourself, “I hope I like her.” This mentally changes the game from you trying to prove yourself to her trying to prove herself to you.

Talking To Girls You Dont Know

Talking to Girls, You Don’t Know

Be Direct and Confident

When it comes to talking to quality women, confidence is vital. They want someone who goes after what he wants. Most women are not attracted to the guy who sinks into the background. That’s if they even notice you.

You can take three different types of approaches: direct, situational, and indirect.

A direct approach is either complimentary or bold. Most are complimentary. You walk up and compliment her, then transition into a conversation. A bold approach is when you walk up and state your intent right then and there. Think of a bold approach like speed dating.

Situational approaches are not direct and take into account the same kind of shared experience. Example: Music is too loud and poor service at a club. You make a statement about this fact. Wait for her response, and transition into another topic to learn more about her.

Indirect approaches are my favorites because they are the most fun. These can include compliments, like telling a girl at the cafe that she has nice nails but not being direct about your intentions. Then transition to discussing interests. This is helpful to start conversations with women you don’t know, and you want to see if they have the traits you are looking for.

The most crucial step is being confident in whatever approach you take.

Keep the Conversation Going

It can be challenging to keep a conversation going, but it is important for your success. You want to make sure you’re using body language effectively. A guy says one thing but doesn’t back it up with physical activity; the girl might think there’s something wrong.

Women are susceptible to certain gestures that men make. It is important to keep casual eye contact and smile.

Change the topic when you run out of things to say about your opener. One of my most effortless transitions is “can I ask you a question?” Now I just paid her a compliment; it’s socially polite to return the favor. Then ask an amusing but thought-provoking question. You now have at least another ten minutes of conversation right there.

Things to Talk About

When you’re talking to girls, it’s important to have a variety of topics to talk about. This will help keep the conversation flowing and make it more interesting. Some good things to discuss include:

Amusing topics: These can be things like superpowers, places not to visit, planets you would want to visit, foods you have not, and will never, eat. You can see how these can spin off in many different directions. If you really can’t think of anything, music is a good go-to.

Things you and she are passionate about: These are more than hobbies and interests. You want to do these things because they mean something to you. It’s your own personal cause and reason for living. This is your legacy.

Future goals: This can tie into passion, but it can also go another way. It can show her you have a direction in life. It can also show you that she has a direction as well.

Compliments are always welcome, but be careful when giving them. Some people may take them the wrong way and not be comfortable with lots of compliments. Even if they accept compliments, too many can be seen as trying too hard.

It is also essential to be natural when talking to girls; this can be done by taking a step back and listening more than you talk.

Listen Carefully

When talking to a woman, it’s important to listen carefully. Make sure you’re giving her your full attention and being present in the moment. She’ll be impressed if you can show that you’re interested in what she has to say.

Too many guys casually listen and then start thinking about what they want to say. They miss entirely what she just said. Mentioning things that she said between the lines during your conversation will also demonstrate that you were paying close attention and care about her life and interests.

Wrap Up:

There you have how and where to meet high-quality women. A quick and basic guide. If you need further assistance, you should look at our courses. We have an introductory course to an entire hands-on course where we walk you through step-by-step.


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