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15 Attraction Traits That Men Like In Women!

There are many women who want to know the attraction traits that men like in women. This can be a difficult question. There is no one answer, scientific findings, or expert advice that will attract all men. Attraction is all about drawing attention. It is more than just physical attraction.

Positive Characteristics
Characteristics Men Like

Positive Personality Traits

In this article, we will go over the top 15 traits that men find attractive in women so you have a better idea of what men find attractive in a potential love interest.

These are more than just positive personality traits that many women tend to have. Everyone has their own idea of exactly what is hot. A lot of guys are really focused on physical appearance like beauty or the classic “girl with the larger breasts”. But emotional intelligence is equally important! Which happens to be a trait women find attractive in a man.


What do you want in a woman or in a romantic partner? 

What are attractive women to men?

When a guy likes a girl, they might not know how to describe her. That’s where the ‘what do you want?’ question comes in.

It’s impossible to find someone as truly attractive based on first impressions. If a guy is describing a woman as someone who does everyday things, she might not be enough for him and it will only turn into short-term relationships.

Have you ever wondered how other women are able to catch a guy’s attention no matter where they are? Some women were born that way. Others have learned what works over time.

Character Traits Men Like
Romantic Traits

What other women tend to think versus men

This article may seem like common sense to some. But, we are going beyond the physical appearance of healthy hair, long legs, good health, hourglass figure hip ratio, the skin-deep stuff today’s society presses.

We are going to look at the things men notice in potential partners for long-term relationships while taking the mystery out of the term “self-esteem.”

The list is lengthy, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of the most universally attractive traits. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what culture you hold – ask a guy if he would like to meet a woman with these qualities and he’ll usually say yes.

These traits are in no particular order. Some men may prioritize one trait higher than another.

Confident Woman

Confidence –

Some girls are attracted to guys who have strong confidence. Guys prefer women who are confident–not meek or shy. They want someone who talks clearly and confidently, instead of mumbling or hiding their beauty under layers of their clothes.

Her honesty is refreshing. She’ll give the guy feedback he needs in order to be more successful in his relationship with her. He would rather take a bullet to the head and die instantly than five to the chest and die slowly because she tried to spare his feelings.

Adventurous Woman

Adventurous –

Women are usually either shy or outgoing. Dating a woman who’s very reserved or timid may be seen as a challenge to some guys. However, it is hard to get to know her and can quickly become exhausting. But if she is able to relax and have a good time – many men find this type of woman extremely attractive.

Men want women who are independent and don’t follow the status quo. Women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to do what they feel is right for them, even if it’s seen as a little risky.

Take It Deeper

Many men find some sense of risk-taking behaviors attractive in women. This doesn’t mean a woman has to be into mountain climbing to be more fun to be around. She just needs to feel comfortable in not doing the same thing expressly permitted by today’s society.

High Energy Woman

High Energy –

This is on the list because some women these days don’t have this in their personality. This is also related to that adventurous trait already mentioned.

When a woman likes to have fun, gets caught up in easygoing things, or needs help with hard tasks, then it’s seen by many guys as endearing, lovable, and sexy. In other words, this is one of the positive personality traits men find attractive.

This is the woman who goes out to clubs and wants to party. She doesn’t just want to sit in the corner and drink a mojito, she wants to connect with people and have some fun. Her body language expresses her personality and creates magic all around her. That’s what high-energy women do.

Intelligent Woman

Intelligence –

Intelligence attracts men. A woman who tries to act less intelligent than she is just so a guy can feel smarter than her isn’t gonna fly with most men. Most guys don’t want to hang out with people that are dumb. Intelligent women are attractive women. It’s that simple.

If you have brains, they will complement one of your most valued traits – being intelligent. Use that intelligence and show the wider range of things interesting to know about you. A man of value will not be intimidated by a woman with intelligence.

Take it deeper

If you are using a dating website or dating events to find a long-term partner, don’t dumb yourself down. Being smart is one of the traits that attract men.

Intelligent Woman

Respect For Herself –

This one is tough to describe as it goes beyond just a mature appearance. The general concept is men prefer women who have put down boundaries for themselves. She will not let a guy walk all over her. Constant compromises are a sign that a person is weak with men. That is not something a guy is going to be attracted to.

Men who know what they’re looking for want a woman who’ll stand up and says no, not just to assert herself but also so they can take her more seriously. This is a trait that is also required for any long-lasting relationship. So, it’s no wonder that men develop a physical attraction and want a relationship with women who have this trait.

Forgiving Woman

Forgiveness –

This is something that everyone should feel good about and find attractive. Some men are uncomfortable being reminded about something they did months or even years ago. If the guy has already apologized and the issue was resolved then let it go. Don’t bring up something that may not be relevant to what he just did. A guy has to see how it connects, otherwise, he will simply shut down and not listen.

Men are human and will screw up. Keep the focus on the present moment and not past errors. This can also help in building long-lasting relationships.

Mysterious Woman

Mysteriousness –

Women like the “mystery” trait in a guy. Men find this attractive in women as well. It’s this trait that helps with the chase we all play for each other. This doesn’t mean playing hard to get. You just want to reveal a little more about yourself after every encounter.

This not only helps in talking to each other, but it’s also good for the long-term relationship at the same time.

It might seem tempting to show off as much as you can to impress a guy, but they don’t want you to do things in a predictable way. Men want women who keep them engaged with a bit of guessing of what is coming next.

Take it deeper

To keep things exciting in the relationship, a sense of mysteriousness is the only way to keep that attractive quality and deepen the relationship through body language and talking.

Woman Sense Of Humor

Humor –

Yeah, guys find humor attractive in women. It usually means that the woman likes to laugh and engage in playful moments. This combination of being a bit childish and flirty can be very endearing to many guys,


One thing to keep in mind is that the sense of humor needs to be something that both people find funny and it should follow a similar vein of humor.

Woman Flirty Touching

Flirty Touching –

Guys have a tendency to like it when the woman lets the guy know that she likes him without being too shy, where ever they are. It’s one of those things men find attractive in women. Guys love to be touched by women they are attracted to.

She’ll hold onto his arm when walking, she’ll tuck herself behind him and drape her arms around him, or just give him a flirtatious nudge.

She’s an exciting, alluring, charming person who can seduce without being too obvious. Men being touched by women they are attracted to will trigger his limbic system and sense of value to the other person.


It’s the ultimate power play women have on being attractive on the list. where she is telling the guy, “I am attracted to you” and the world, “I choose you.”


Calmness –

Drama happens. We get that. Men and women find it fun to watch on TV, but men don’t want it in their lives every day. The gossip, emotional conversations over who said what, and impulsive decisions can become tiring after a while.

Being calm and relaxed while navigating trouble shows how much she is able to handle. In basic terms, she’s not easily influenced by the way others are behaving. This is something men find attractive in women.

She’s an independent woman that everyone around her wants to be like. It shows she is a person who can handle the trials of a relationship and long-term partner.

Woman Passion

Passion –

This isn’t the lovey-dovey feeling that women get when she’s with the guy. This is the passion she has for her job, charity work, or hobbies.

This passion for something else means something to her. She is a person who wants more out of life and isn’t just settling for what has come easy.

Woman Decision Maker

Decisive –

Men and women like it when the other person makes decisions. But, men also appreciate input from their partners. The problem is that men tire of making plans.

When a guy asks which store is better and they get one of those generic answers like “whatever you feel is best” or “I don’t care, you decide,” it makes the guy feel like the woman is disinterested.

If a man gets these types of answers too often from the person he is attracted to, he will stop asking and simply plan everything. Or, he may end up treating the relationship as one of his speed dating events and placing this in his short-term relationships.

Take It Deeper

Some men might not want to admit it, but the truth is that they want someone they can rely on. They want to find a woman who cares enough to give their opinion and can take over the reins. He wants a decisive partner in life, not arm candy.

Woman Knows Her Beauty

Comfortable With Her Beauty –

Men and women both have body issues. These physical appearance issues are not usually equivalent to one’s confidence. They can be a category of their own.

Men find it hard to be romantically involved with women who they know for sure don’t value themselves very much, often because they never think they are attractive enough for the guy.

There are a lot of different factors that go into what makes someone attractive to the opposite sex. Looks play a role, but it’s not everything. It’s important to the guys that the woman feels confident in her own body.

Men notice and find extremely attractive how comfortable a woman feels about her body. Men really do not care about hair color or unnatural color of hair the hip ratio as much as some may think. They are more attracted to women of good health than anything else. If more men and women had a sense of humor about their perceived body issues we would have a wider range of potential love interest.

Take It Deeper

A man doesn’t want to be a woman who looks in the mirror and only sees flaws. When a woman loves herself, she is able to better accept why the guy finds her attractive. She does not question why he chose her over all the women.

This makes the next trait even more effective.

Comfortable In Her Sexuality

Uninhibited About Sex –

Guys love a woman who can openly admit she enjoys sex and views it as a natural thing between men and women. She knows what she likes and is willing to explore new things with her partner.

She likes to experiment and come up with new ideas, and she’s also open to suggestions. She has no problem talking about or asking for what she wants and desires with her partner.

Woman Independently Happy

Independently Happy –

This is the happy woman who seems to enjoy life. She has this positive aura about her that is infectious, always making everyone around her smile. When the guy thinks about her he has no choice but to smile.

This is a woman who is comfortable with what she has and takes care of herself. She can go on her own without any necessary need for a man. That doesn’t mean the presence of a man will be unappreciated though. A man enhances her life by allowing her to share her journey with someone else.

This is a woman who doesn’t wait for Prince Charming to show up and fix her problems. She goes out there and solves them herself without relying on other people.

And there are the 15 attraction traits that men like in women.

Attracting a man is not just about how you look on the outside, but also what’s going on inside. Men are attracted to confident and independent women who have their own interests and don’t need a guy around all of the time. Women can work toward this by loving themselves more; accepting that they’re beautiful no matter what flaws they see in the mirror; being uninhibited with sex (but still caring); enjoying life without waiting for Prince Charming to appear. These little changes will go a long way towards attracting the type of man you want in your life!


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